What is The Pooh Pathology Test and where can you take it?


Pooh Pathology Test: TikTok appears to have revived a recent trend in the field of therapeutic psychology. The Pooh Pathology Test detects your personality type and any related mental problems, according to the winning results of IDRLabs. It then compares your findings to the nearest officially licensed Winnie the Pooh character. Here’s how it works and where you can take the exam.

Who created this mental condition screening tool?

If you’ve read the clinical literature, you’ve probably come across certain terminologies. Such as schizophrenia, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and severe depression, to name a few.

  • Individual Differences Research Labs (IDRLabs) is a private company that claims to have created an effective evaluation method.
  • This approach, known as The Pooh Pathology Test, identifies individuals’ mental health issues.
  • It then compares their results to the Winnie The Pooh character who most closely reflects such features.
  • The interviewee is tested by asking many questions, which are generally done in the form of a written questionnaire. The questions must be answered either yes or no.

What exactly is a Pooh Pathology Test?

The exam, created by Professors Dr. Sarah E. Shea and Dr. Kevin Gordon, is based on the premise that the characters of Winnie the Pooh are personality archetypes.

Have you ever heard the phrase “your personality is incredibly cool, serene, and composed”? If you have, they were essentially fitting you into their image of a specific personality type. One who exudes the aforementioned characteristics (cool, composed, etc).

Why is the Winnie The Pooh Pathology Test used instead of the Mickey The Moust Pathology Test?

Similarly, the researchers base this test on the assumption that the distinct individuality features displayed by the characters surrounding Winnie may be clearly classified.

  1. This also implies that they might have utilized any other animation, such as Mickey The Mouse. They ultimately chose Winnie.
  2. In our opinion, this is due to two factors: one, Winnie The Pooh is incredibly famous, and second, they simply happened to discover that the Winnie Characters they chose for this test are good models on which to base their reference personality model.

So instead of being cool and collected, someone may just call you “Hey your personality is very much like Winnie The Pooh”.

What is the Pooh Pathology Test?

The caveat is that the test not only identifies your personality type, but also a linked mental illness. To put it another way, this approach is more of a mental disease evaluation exam than a personality assessment.

Although the personality evaluation is the most important and vital phase. Because when you define a personality, you will also identify problematic qualities. These dysfunctional characteristics are the mental diseases that make up that type of personality.

So, for example, if a person is suffering from severe depression, it is quite likely that their personality type may be described using particular models.

This Pooh Pathology Test is one such tool for detecting specific ‘personality models’ and related mental condition.

Why can no test predict personality traits with pinpoint accuracy?

Remember that no test can completely identify your traits. The only way to know whether such exams are reliable is by your word or by someone else’s assessment of you.

Personality evaluations can ultimately be personal and susceptible to group intersubjective agreement. In other words, while you may declare, “My personality is this,” you may need 5 witnesses to back up your claim.

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