What are the Closed Missionary Sex Position & benefits?


What is the Closed Missionary Sex Position?

The bottom partner’s legs are brought as close together as possible during penetration, distinguishing the closed missionary position from the standard missionary position. According to Emma James, a clinical expert in women’s health and sexual wellness, this facilitates increased clitoral stimulation. “Less vaginal penetration occurs initially and more clitoral stimulation occurs when the legs are brought together. Greater external stimulation at first increases pleasure because the clitoris has more nerve endings than the vaginal wall.”

Closed Missionary Sex Position

Those who enjoy the closeness and intimacy of missionary but are looking to take it to the next level will find this the ideal setting. For the closed missionary sex position, one partner lies on top of the other, using their arms to support their weight, much like the speed bump sex position, but in reverse. When inside, the person on top should straddle the person on the bottom while the two of them squeeze their legs as tightly as they can.

Benefits Of The Closed Missionary Sex Position?

  • Dual Stimulation
  • Allows more in-depth relationships with one’s partner
  • If you hold this position, you can improve the strength of your pelvic floor muscles. A woman’s pelvic floor consists of the muscles around her bladder and uterus that work together to keep urine contained. With age and life experiences like childbirth, they weaken and become less sensitive, which can cause problems like stress incontinence. Kegel exercises are the gold standard for building a strong pelvic floor, but having an occasional good old-fashioned orgasm can’t hurt, either.

How to Make Closed Missionary Sexual Positions Better?

James claims that even slight modifications to the traditional closed missionary sex position can yield significantly greater pleasure. Putting a small pillow under your buttocks will change the position of your pelvic girdle, allowing you to feel more sensations while relieving pressure on your lower back.

When trying out this position for the first time, make sure to use plenty of the best lube to ease the tighter sensation. Don’t be embarrassed if your first attempt at a new sex position doesn’t go as planned. She says, “The more you laugh, the more you relax and enjoy the experience.”

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