Valorant New Map Lotus

Today, Riot Games unveiled the Western Ghats of India on Omega Earth as the location of VALORANT’s ninth map.

Lotus, the new map, has a three-site configuration, not unlike Haven. Inspired by Indian stepwells, Lotus introduces novel gameplay, including revolving doors, destructible walls, and a quiet descent as players explore the ancient city.

REVELATION Cinematic Teaser 1

A lot of vegetation and gorgeous landscape can be found in Lotus, not unlike what you’d find in Breeze. But the beautiful map appears to be fairly simple, which may help in the creation of Haven, the second three-site map.

According to Riot’s art and concept head Brian Yam, the new map’s “old atmosphere” was inspired by Indiana Jones. With regards to the game’s visuals, “we wanted gamers to have an Indiana Jones moment,” Yam added. When you enter C-site, for instance, you’ll see the Rock-Cut cave, and the shaft of light shining down from above will make you feel like you’ve stumbled upon a long-lost city.

Lotus was supposed to be a space station with an airlock mechanism that would seal off significant sections of the map, according to Joe Lansford, a level designer at Riot. However, this plan was ultimately abandoned, and the ancient-looking map was drawn instead.

On January 10th, with the release of VALORANT Episode Six, Act One, players will be able to venture forth into the new area.

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