Heart or Love crosshair in Valorant 2023

Valorant is the most popular first-person shooting game. The game was launched in 2020. From 2020 to 2023, the game has gone through many transformations. The developers even added customization options for all the elements. One such element is a crosshair. It is the cross that aims when we point at the enemy.

The Crosshair Optimization option opened the gate to a creative and unique crosshair. “Love” or “Heart” Crosshair means seeing a heart-shaped aim point instead of a regular cross. It will shoot wherever you point it. Settings allow you to customize the heart-shaped crosshairs. The Heart of Love crosshair is the new trend. This article will discuss how you can customize the Love and Heart Cross Hair. You will discover other unique crosshairs. Stay tuned with us!

How do get the Heart Crosshair?

The heart crosshair is customized through settings. You have to fix the different setting matrices, such as the inner lining, the outer lining, the crosshairs, and the shape of a cross. Valorant already provides the option to make changes to these features. Follow the below steps to see the option to change the crosshair settings:

  1. First of all, open the menu. Search for the “Settings” option in the top-right corner.
  2. Tap on the “Settings” option. You will find the option to choose the crosshair. Here you will find all the options to customize Crosshair.
  3. You will find the option “Cross Hair Profiles.” Start customizing the profile from the primary section.

Here, you will find all the options to customize the crosshair, such as color, outline, center dot, center dot opacity, crosshair offset, etc. Set all these options in the given ranges, and you will have your desired love and heart crosshair.

Before changing the properties, make sure whatever input you give will be reflected in the crosshair. So, don’t try to change the setting unless you know the purpose of each element.

Setting to customize the Heart/ Love Crosshair

General Settings

ColorPink or Red
Outline Opacity0.1
Outline Thickness1
Centre DotOff
Centre Dot OpacityN/A
Centre Dot ThicknessN/A
Override Firing Error Offset with crosshair OffsetOn
Override all primary crosshair with my crosshair offsetOff

Inner Lines

Show inner LinesOn
Inner Line Opacity0.7
Inner Line Length3
Inner line Thickness5
Inner line Offset1
Movement errorOff
Firing errorOff
Show Outer LinesOn
Outer line opacity0.7
Outer line Length5
Outer Line thickness1
Outer Line Offset0
Movement errorOff
Firing errorOff

Other Popular Crosshairs You Can Try


Asuna is a simple, white, and thin crosshair. It’s the best crosshair when you don’t want to be seen by the enemy. The crosshair will protect you from being seen by your enemy. To use the crosshair, follow the same process as above with the settings.

ColorWhiteShow Inner LinesOn
OutlinesOnInner Line Opacity1
Outline Opacity1Inner Line Length2
Outline Thickness1Inner line Thickness1
Centre DotOffInner lane Offset3
Center Dot thickness1Outer Line Opacity0
Fade Crosshair with Firing ErrorOffOuter Line Length0
Movement ErrorOffOuter Line Thickness0
Firing ErrorOffOuter Line Offset0


Derke is similar in terms of color and visibility. It is rare to spot a mere white spot on the screen. Invisible crosshairs are off when you want to win combat. Therefore, most crosshairs are designed, so spotting them is difficult.

ColorWhiteShow Inner LinesOff
OutlinesOnInner Line Opacity0
Outline Opacity1Inner Line Length0
Outline Thickness1Inner line Thickness0
Centre DotOnInner lane Offset0
Center Dot thickness2Outer Line Opacity0
Fade Crosshair with Firing ErrorOffOuter Line Length0
Movement ErrorOffOuter Line Thickness0
Firing ErrorOffOuter Line Offset0
Centre Dot Opacity1


You can easily optimize for love or heart crosshair by altering a few settings. It’s an easy and convenient process. Follow all the above steps, and you will have a heart or love crosshair within a few seconds. Apart from the love crosshair, we also mentioned other popular crosshairs that serve the same purpose.

We hope by now you can set the love and heart crosshair. And don’t forget to share the article with friends and family. Let them take advantage of the fantastic feature.

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