VALORANT All Weapons Real Life Names – 2023

It’s been two years since Valorant was released, and to date, it has gained a lot of attention and a player base. Inspired by the typical FPS tactical 5v5 shooter games, Valorant took things to a whole new level. The players get a variety of characters aka Agents to play to choose from. And each agent has their own unique ability or we can say powers. The game offers different modes and maps that will keep the players hooked.

Every shooter game has its own unique set of weapons. Every weapon has its pros and cons and a unique name. Just like that Valorant has its weapon inventory where you can choose different primary and secondary weapons. However, every gun is inspired by real-life guns. So we have decided to tell you about the real-life weapons that inspired or look a lot like Valorant’s weapons.

So let’s start with the side arms aka secondary weapons.

VALORANT All Weapons Real Life Names

Classic – One of the most used side arms, one shot in the head is enough to get a kill. Based on its distinctive grip, it appears to be a somewhat futurized FN-9 handgun.


The Shorty – Don’t go on the name, the shorty does some bigger damage. It looks like a typical hill-billy sawed-off double-barreled shotgun. Absolute beast when it comes to short-range combat.


The Sherrif – Gives you the feel of the 18th century, it reminds me of a standard six-shooter revolver chambered in a large caliber. Maybe a . 308. The sounds of the gun are really amazing. You’ll find many Sherrif headshot compilations on the internet.


The Ghost – The Ghost may appear to CS: GO gamers to be a standout feature, it may give them nostalgia cause it looks a lot like the USP pistol, but it is not. It has a reduced profile and is significantly sleeker than the USP pistol. If I had to guess, it’s a futurized Walther P38 with Riot’s design team’s touch of an extremely thick trigger guard.


The Frenzy – Despite what CS: GO gamers call the Frenzy Riot’s copycat CZ, this pistol looks nothing like the CZ-75. This handgun accepts magazines in front of the grip, as does the Tec-9. However, the Frenzy clearly does not resemble a Tec-9, implying that it is a cross between a regular pistol and the Tec, with Riot’s own distinctive twists added.

It’s pretty clear that the developers had added their own touch to the design of guns, cause it may not feel like they have been copied or something. Now the list moves to some bigger guns.


The Stinger – It is most likely a cross between the UMP SMG and the CZ Scorpion Evo 3. The stock, grip, bolt, receiver, and magazines are identical to the UMP, but the barrel shroud is identical to the CZ Scorpion. The Scorpion’s extraordinarily high rate of fire is also passed down to the Stinger, which clocks in at 1080 rounds per minute. Not as quick as the Scorpion in real life, but pretty close.


The Spectre – The gun appears to be a cross between the well-known MP5 and the M16 family of rifles. The barrel, handle, and characteristic curved 30-round magazine are all similar to the MP5. It even includes the renowned telescoping stock of the MP5, which your character uses to equip the weapon. The Spectre, on the other hand, lacks the MP5 firing mechanism, instead employing the M16 family’s firing system, with the charging handle located behind the gun’s rear sights.


The Bucky – It is most likely a shortened variant of the Remington M870 pump-action shotgun. One of the best moments is the run and gun clutches in Valorant, even the enemies get shocked sometimes.


The Judge – Certainly one of the most loved and hated weapons of the game. Sometimes it pulls some of the shocking comebacks in the game and you’ll definitely not like being killed by a j is a futurized AA-12 full-auto shotgun with a drum mag that, for some reason, only carries 7 rounds. In reality, the drum mag can hold up to 32 shells! So either the Judge is using a 7-round drum mag or it is not.


The Bulldog – It is unquestionably an AUG variant. One of the facts is that The Bulldog is so named because it is a bullpup assault rifle, which means the magazine and firing system is visible behind the grip. The company played a smart move here, you have to give it to them. 


The Guardian –  It’s unmistakably a futurized M1 Garand. However, three significant differences exist. Instead of the Garand’s characteristic 8-round stripper clip, the magazine is reloaded from the bottom, as with current weapons. The magazine now holds 12 rounds rather than 8. The Guardian also has a contemporary pistol-style grip, which is present on practically all current guns.


The Phantom – Players who are familiar with the fps games can easily say that Phantom is a suppressed SCAR-L variant.


The Vandal – Most of you must be waiting for it to come and I guess you have already thought of the gun it looks like. It is a modernized version of the AK-47, I guess you were correct in this. The Vandal’s charging handle is on the left side rather than the right, which is an important contrast between IRL AKs and the Vandal. The AK is sort of renowned for having its charging handle on the right, thus just a concept.


The Ares – I know, this gun is a pain in a**, but when you see it the first thing that comes to mind is spam. Beginners just spray the bullets all over. Anyways it is hard to guess which irl gun inspired Ares, it seems like the developers came up with their unique design. If you have any names in mind, so please tell us in the comment section below. 


The Odin – The Odin is most likely Riot’s design; I can’t think of any other HMGs that look remotely close to this at the present. However, based on the size of the cartridges in the belt, it appears to fire.50 caliber bullets. Which makes no goddamn sense, given Odin’s firing rate. . For whatever reason, 50-caliber machine guns and automatic weapons of larger calibers are installed. The M2 Browning is the most famous.50 cal machine gun, has a somewhat sluggish rate of fire at 400-500 RPM unless placed on aircraft, and for good cause. Even when mounted, there is no realistic method to shoot bullets of such power grade properly at high fire rates on the ground. The Odin has nearly double that firing rate, with a maximum ramp speed of 936 RPM. When firing from your shoulder, only 2-3 Operator bullets can be lethal. Consider what happens if you just fire hundreds of Operator shots at 936 rounds per minute. Ah well. Ahh, we are talking video games here. 

Now the list goes to the long-range guns aka the snipers 


The Operator – Well we Valo players don’t call it the Operator, we call it Op, it appears to be a combination of two .50 caliber sniper rifles: The Macmillan Tac-50 and the Barrett M82 sniper. The Operator has the Tac-50’s bolt action mechanism with futuristic elements, as well as Barrett’s magazine capacity (5 rounds), receiver, and barrel. The Operator, judged by its distinctive boom and the size of the rounds, shoots an identical. 50 BMG cartridges.


The Marshall – This is just your standard cowboy Western lever action rifle with a scope put on it, according to the Marshall. Perhaps a Remington model.

Are we missing something? Yes, you guessed it right, the knife. We all have made that smiley with a knife on the walls. Have you done it?


The Knife – Riot’s Knife appears to be nothing more than a knife of his own creation. A blade with a molded grip, a serrated rear edge, and a blade form that reminds me of a KA-BAR from the United States.

I guess we have covered all the weapons. Do tell us your favorite weapon in the comment section. 

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