Tom Sizemore: A Cinematic Journey of GTA Vice City’s iconic Sonny Forelli Voice Actor

Tom Sizemore, who gave the voice to Sonny Forelli died on March 3, 2023, at the age of 61: The world says you cannot fall in love with someone’s voice, the gaming community is like “Hey Tommy, it’s Sonny. How’s the suntan?”

If you know this dialogue then give yourself pat on the back, cause you have witnessed one of the masterpiece games of this century. Moreover, if you cannot recognize the dialogue then it is said by Sonny Forelli, the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Whenever I watch this game, I go down memory lane. Unfortunately, Tom Sizemore, who gave the voice to Sonny Forelli died on March 3, 2023, at the age of 61. 

In this article, we will pay tribute to Tom Sizemore and have a look into his iconic career. 

Tom Sizemore, who gave Sonny Forelli’s voice in Grand Theft Auto Vice City, recently passed away, which is devastating news for the GTA community and the film industry. Two of the voice actors for the franchise’s most well-known characters have died within the past year, breaking the hearts of fans. 

Grand Theft Auto Vice City still has a large player base despite being almost twenty years old, and there are rumors that the iconic retro city may make a comeback in a future game in the series. Although playing a negative role in the game, Sonny Forelli’s presence had a significant impact on the game’s events.

Tom Sizemore, a 61-year-old American producer, voice actor, and television actor best known for his work in Grand Theft Auto Vice City, passed dead on March 3, 2023. According to reports, Tom was taken to the hospital after collapsing at his Los Angeles home in the early hours of February 18, 2023, due to a brain aneurysm. 

The voice actor was receiving medical attention while in the hospital. His manager Charles Lago officially announced his passing on 3rd March. According to Rolling Stone, Sizemore was “discovered unconscious at his Los Angeles home in the early hours of Feb. 19 after suffering a brain aneurysm from a stroke.” His family decided to “remove him from life support” over the weekend after he had spent the previous two weeks being kept alive on a ventilator. According to the Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California, Tom Sizemore died peacefully while sleeping.

Tom is survived by his partner Janelle McIntire and two twin sons, Jagger Sizemore, and Jayden Sizemore. Paul Sizemore, his brother, was also by his side as he passed away. 

While the actor has since died away, GTA fans will always remember him for his memorable performance in GTA Vice City. Sonny Forelli, who manipulated Tommy Vercetti throughout the whole game, will go down in history as one of the most iconic antagonists in the series.

Sonny Forelli was a trustworthy and devoted individual who never forgot Tommy’s debt to him and sought him out even after Tommy cut off all contact with him. In the first playable mission in GTA Vice City, An Old Friend, he said the following in his iconic dialogue:

“That was my money, Tommy, MY MONEY! You better not be screwing me Tommy because you know I’m not a man to be screwed with!”

These words, which gave Tommy Vercetti chills, will live on in the hearts of the fans forever. Also, it served as a turning point that sparked a number of other game-related actions. The voice actors for the game’s famed protagonist and antagonist have passed away, shocking fans of Vice City. 

Those voices will be forever in our hearts. Furthermore, let us take a look at

Tom Sizemore’s acting career. 

In addition to voicing a major character in GTA Vice City, Tom Sizemore was well-known for his appearances in several popular Hollywood films, including Saving Private Ryan, Natural Born Killers, Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, and many more.

Sizemore was one of the most recognizable stars of the 1990s, owning every second he was on screen in everything from Heat to True Romance to Saving Private Ryan. He was an actor who was frequently and rightfully labeled as “troubled” over the course of his career (he had long-standing drug problems and spent seven months in prison in 2003 on domestic abuse charges).

For some reason, his “very upset undercover agent” from Point Break will never leave my mind. I always say the sentence “YOU THINK I LINK THESE CLOTHES?!?” whenever I have to wear a tie. Amazingly, he only appears in this movie for about a minute. Point Break is two hours long! I’m saying it’s one of his most recognizable performances right now. That is what Tom Sizemore would do to a movie.

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