The Wild Hearts PC Update Will Be Available Next Week.

In Wild Hearts, players go on a hunt through the mythical land of Azuma, which is a made-up version of ancient Japan, to kill the terrible Kemono. Even though Wild Hearts won’t be out until February 16, 2023, EA Play and Game Pass subscribers (PC and Ultimate on consoles) can get early access to the game right now.

The Omega Force subreddit was flooded with complaints from dissatisfied players who had hoped Wild Hearts would live up to the high quality of Monster Hunter, another Capcom game.

People who play the game on personal computers have griped about the subpar optimization. Moreover, it appears that consistent frame rates are an issue across all resolutions, even on systems that meet or exceed the recommended system requirements.

The good news is that Omega Force has heard the concerns of the gaming communities and is currently working on a fix for the PC version of Wild Hearts.

A new patch is coming out next week to fix the CPU bottleneck problems, according to a post on the Wild Hearts subreddit. Through a Reddit post, the game’s developer, wolf hands, confirmed that the update would fix all reported problems and speed up the game for computers with mid-range and high-end processors.

It was also confirmed that the developers intend to implement support for NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR. The vast majority of configurations can and will benefit from this change.

Omega Force is also hard at work perfecting and upgrading console editions for systems like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X and S. However, developers have not announced a patch for the console editions.

However, it is comforting to know that Omega Force is working to enhance Wild Hearts on all platforms. The new update, it is hoped, will greatly enhance the thrilling nature of the game.

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