The Last of Us Multiplayer is Set to Launch as Standalone Game on PS4

The standalone multiplayer mode for The Last of Us series may finally be coming to the PS4, after a prolonged wait.

Naughty Dog created the post-apocalyptic action-adventure game The Last of Us, which was made available for the PlayStation 3 in 2013. The game gained popularity very fast among players, earning praise for its compelling narrative, gorgeous visuals, and challenging gameplay as well as several accolades. 

The Last of Us Multiplayer Standalone PS4

The game’s multiplayer mode, which let players join together and battle for life in a harsh, post-apocalyptic environment, was one of its main elements. Nonetheless, the multiplayer option was taken out of The Last of Us and made accessible as a separate download when the game was re-released for the PlayStation 4 in 2014.

Since then, The Last of Us’ standalone multiplayer release for the PS4 has been eagerly anticipated by fans. Now it appears that their patience is beginning to start growing. 

Naughty Dog has reportedly been working on a standalone multiplayer version of The Last of Us for some time, and the game may be published soon, according to recent sources. Although neither Sony nor the developer has made an official statement, leaks, and speculations indicate that the game is nearing completion and may be launched as soon as this year.

What can fans so anticipate from The Last of Us’ standalone multiplayer version? Despite the lack of information, it is fair to assume that the game will add new features, maps, and gameplay mechanics to the well-liked multiplayer mode from the first game.

The introduction of new factions and character classes, which would let players alter their characters and play styles to suit their tastes, is one of the most intriguing potential outcomes. It’s possible that the standalone version may offer new factions with their own unique abilities and weaponry. The original game contained two factions, the Hunters and the Fireflies.

Other game modes, such as battle royal or horde mode, where players must cooperate to survive against waves of infected zombies, are another option. It’s likely that the standalone version will provide additional difficulties and tactics for players to master. The original game’s multiplayer mode was hailed for its intense and tactical gameplay.

Of course, one of the most important confusion surrounding The Last of Us’ standalone multiplayer version is whether it will be a free download or a paid game. Owners of the original game could download the multiplayer feature for free, but it’s unclear if the standalone version would operate in a similar manner.

In spite of everything, The Last of Us fans on the PS4 can anticipate a unique and thrilling multiplayer experience. It won’t be long until we get our first look at the solo edition of this adored property because the game is supposedly in the final stages of development. 

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