Sony Reduces PS VR2 Production Plans by “About 20%”: Insider Reports

As expected, Sony had to take some actions looking at the failure of the PlayStation Virtual Reality 2. According to a recent source, Sony has reportedly somewhat scaled down their 2023 manufacturing schedule for the PS VR2.

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Sony reportedly sold fewer PS VR2 devices in its first month of sales, according to a report published late last month. It was stated that by the end of March 2023, the new VR headgear had sold about 270,000 copies. Recently, a fresh report came out which could be Sony’s response to those sales figures. Wanna know more about the failure of the device? Make sure to check out our article “Know Everything Why Sony PlayStation VR2 Failed?”

Now following this failure, Now, it appears that Sony may be reducing its hopes for the device as well. According to well-known Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo, the company has reduced its planned production of the PS VR2 by around 20% for the year 2023. Before the headset’s launch, sources stated that Sony intended to produce 2 million copies of it by the end of March. 

The insider also believes that there is insufficient evidence to imply that AR/VR headsets would soon overtake other electronics products as the next big thing. It appears that the IT industry as a whole is no longer really interested in VR technology. It would appear that many people aren’t interested in VR technology at this moment unless these firms could develop a technique that would significantly advance VR technology and make it more desirable once again.

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