How To Reset EVs Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet is one of the most popular games. A huge community plays and enjoys the game. The reason why the game is so popular is because of its interactive and engaging features. There is a lot we can talk about in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet.

However, here we are only going to cover one section of it. That’s regarding EVs and Scarlet & Violet. This blog will discuss “How To Reset EVs, Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?”. Before we start how to reset EVs, firstly, we will find out what an EV is and what the purpose of EVs is.

What is Effort Value ( EV)

EVs, also known as effort value, are the bonus stats. A Pokemon’s EV stat increases wherever it defeats another Pokemon as a reward. The stats score on the type of Pokemon you defeated.

Resetting EV stats means making the EV’s value zero. This means that its value will be zero when you check the history. Here, this blog will discuss resetting the EV value to zero. We will discuss all the steps and the steps involved in resettling.

Without wasting your, let’s dive right in!

How to reset the EVs Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Until now, the only known way to reset values is to give Pokemon EV-reducing berries. Be it Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet for both Pokemon. We will use the same method. 

To reset the EV’s value, you have first to find the EV resetting berries, then,

You will feed these berries to Pokemon, and your task is done.

Isn’t this sound easy? Yes, Its is simple when you have the berries. The real task is to find the berries. Let’s start with the types of berries you have to collect.

Types of berries

Six types of berries work as EV-reducing berries. Below is the list of berries – 

  • Quality Berry (Defense Stat)
  • Grepa Berry (Special Defense Stat)
  • Kelly Berry (Attack Stat)
  • Honeydew Berry (Special Attack Stat)
  • Pomeg Berry (HP Stat)
  • Tomato Berry (Speed Stat)

The first step is to find any of these berries. The half task to reset berries is completed in this step. If you have already played the game, then you must have an idea of how to collect berries and where which berry is found. 

Experienced players and players who already have stored berries can skip the next section. We will guide how to find berries effortlessly. 

How to find EV-reducing berries?

There are multiple ways to find berries in-game. Some players already know how to do so. Even if you know finding berries can take time and effort. Because berries are found rarely, if you find one, the berry must be one of those mentioned above. These are the only ways to find EV-reducing berries.

Methos 1: Shaking a berry tree is a common method to search for berries. Firstly, roam around the Galar, search the tree and shake it. If there is any berry, you will get it simply by doing the simple task.

There is a chance most of the time, you will not find berries. BE prepared for disappointments. Initially, you may find it difficult to search, but keep searching.

Method 2: Berries can also be found lurking around the shining object. This method is the same as searching the tree, but now you have to find the shiny objects. Find objects and look for the object and search around it.

Method 3: The last method is to purchase berries from the auction. The simplest and easiest method to get some berries. In this method, you don’t need to roam here and there. Just go to auction and purchase the desired berries within seconds.

To do so, you need access to Porto Marinade. Although its an auction, you will get items at much cheaper rates.

Now as you have the berry, the next step is to use these berries to reset EV. Before, here is a disclaimer for you – the first two methods are hard, and the last option will cost you money. Both methods are difficult.

Collect all the berries mentioned above, and you are done. It’s time to reduce the EV’s value to zero. 

How to use berries to reset the value of EVs?

Using berries is the last and simplest step of all. You can do something manageable to use the berry. It’s a simple two-click process. Below are the steps you can follow : 

Tap on the berry. You will have to click on any berry you wish to feed Pokemon.

Now flick the berry towards the Pokemon.

The steps are quite simple, unique, and easy. Feed the berries, and the EV’s value will be reduced to zero. That’s what our goal is.


How To Reset EVs Pokemon Scarlet And Violet ? – resetting the value is quite simple.

Start with finding the berries and then feed Pokemon. That’s it. The whole process is to reset berries. Sometimes, finding berries is hard. Players often need help finding berries. That’s the real task. First, find the berries, then move ahead to reset the berries.

We hope you know how to reset the EV. Suppose you found the blog useful, then remember to share the blog with your friends. Let others know how to reset EV.

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