Rarest Pokemon You Should Always Catch

Pokemon go is a unique game because there are super rare pokemon that are super useful that really only come around once maybe twice a year. Here is the list of the 9 rarest Pokemon you Should Always Catch Whenever they return to the game.

Shadow larvitar

This is one of the best pokemon on our list today and overall in pokemon go in general and it can only be acquired one way.

Shadow larvitar

The team GoRocket Grunts’ Shadow Larvitar was introduced into the game back on September 5th, 2019, and it has reigned supreme since then. There are a couple of reasons why. For starters, Trinitar, its evolution, is a monster; even as a non-shadow, it’s one of the game’s most useful pokemon and one of the best rock and dark type attackers overall. but as a shadow, it is absurdly powerful due to the 20 shadow boost on its attack.

Currently, in Pokemon Go, Shadow Tyranitar is the number one non-mega rock type and the number three non-mega dart type, which are both extremely useful typings. The reason why is that psychic flying and fire raid bosses are some of the most common in the game, especially among legendary pokemon. which means having good rock and dark-type Pokemon is really important. it’s a good thing tyranitar is both.

How to Catch Shadow larvitar

It’s here now if you find a team with the rocket grunt and the dialogue let’s rock and roll there is a 36% chance you’ll find a shadow larvitar as the first battle important to know that you don’t always get the shadow lavator after defeating it, but usually you do and Pokemon Go will occasionally switch up the team’s rocket grunt pokemon, so it’s really important to grind the good ones while they’re here. One last thing: In order to have a top-ranking tyranitar or shadow tyranitar you need the exclusive move smackdown.

which means you either have to use an elite tm or you get lucky and you have an event where you can evolve to a tranitar with Smackdown, which is really rare.


Rayquaza is probably my favorite legendary, and definitely my favorite shiny legendary. It’s not one you’ll want to miss as of today, when I’m recording this, rayquaza was last in raids 495 days ago. It doesn’t come around much and la the last time that it was here it was literally only here for a little bit over 24 hours.


Rayquaza usually reappears in raids once or twice a year. but we might not see it until the Hoenn tour in 2023 we might go the entire year without ray-ray so that’s what makes it rare what makes it so good raquaz is currently the number one non-mega and non-shadow dragon type pokemon and the number two non-mega non-shadow flying type there was a lot of non in there just know it’s like one of the best pokemon in both those typings flying types are sort of useless but dragon types are really helpful mainly due to the sheer amount of dragon type legendary raid bosses there are in pokemon go.

But that’s not what that’s not why the request is so good it’s good because it will have a mega form come out one day which will be the god of all dragons you know how daenerys targaryen is the queen of dragons yeah mega rayquaza would eat her alive and all three of her dragons mega rayquaza will have an incredible 5728 max CP and will be the supreme leader of dragon type pokemon until the end of time not to mention rayquaza is ranked 69th in masters league nice.


Lampent now this may seem like a meme comparing Lampent to the rarity of rayquaza but I promise it’s real other than being just honestly a really cool pokemon with a really cool evolution family Lampent is actually one of the most useful non-legendary pokemon in the entire game.


Lampent evolves into Chandelure, a top-tier pokemon that is currently the third-best overall ghost type and the top non-mega, non-legendary ghost type. That is, it is technically the most affordable meta pokemon in the entire ghost-type pokemon category, which is significant because having good ghost types is critical in Pokemon Go.

But Lampent like other ghost-type pokemon is considered more of a spooky spawn. which means it really only comes around during the months of October for the Halloween updates you can’t even hatch it right now that’s how rare it is now I will say I predict that Lampent will get a community day this year during October because it is quite literally the greatest candidate for an October community day and it’s never happened it’s a time for it to happen. but until that happens make sure to catch as many of them as you can when they come around.


Mewtwo is quite literally the god of pokemon go as you’ll see here because there’s not just one Mewtwo that we’re talking about today there are four regular Mewtwo is currently the fourth overall psychic type ranked tenth in the masters league and probably the number one overall favorite raid boss in pokemon go history.


But not because people want more Mewtwo for other reasons other Mewtwo’s Mewtwo’s reasons different march 2nd 2020 was the most recent last chance to catch the rare version of mewtwo.

Armored Mewtwo armored Mewtwo was released as part of a promotional event back in July of 2019 and made one single return in 2020. but nothing since then granted armored Mewtwo is the least useful version of Mewtwo. but it is the rarest and if it ever comes back definitely be sure to grab yourself at least one there is a version of Mewtwo that is way rare and way more useful than shadow Mewtwo.

Shadow Mewtwo is an absolute beast ranked as the number two overall psychic type eighth overall in masters league and I’m pretty sure it has the single highest damage output in the entire game it’s quite literally one of the best pokemon that will ever exist in pokemon go and you can’t get it but I think it’s super likely that pokemon go brings this monster back to the team go rocket leader Giovanni encounters mainly because so many people probably still don’t have it and it’s so useful and I will make a bold prediction.

The first shadow shiny legendary will be shadow shiny Mewtwo and that’s not all because Mewtwo has two different Megas mega Mewtwo x and mega Mewtwo y have been teased multiple times over the years by pokemon go and when they get released they’ll own pokemon go psychic types mega Mewtwo y will be an insane 6343 max cp with mega Mewtwo x not far behind at 6138 mega Mewtwo x is also a fighting type which will probably make it one of the best fighting types to ever exist.

So the big reason why you don’t want to miss Mewtwo isn’t that it’s just rare or cool but because there are so many useful versions of it that having a bunch of good ib Mewtwo having a bunch of candy having a bunch of xl candy it’s really really important because this is one of the best pokemon that will ever exist in the game.

Shadow Swinub

this pokemon is another similar story to larvitar shadow it’s rare isn’t always available and at the top of its class in its typing.

Shadow Swinub

Shadow swinub is currently available in the team go rocket grunts with dialogue you’re gonna be frozen in your tracks like shadow larvitar it’s not always available but it is always a great target when it is. this is because its evolution shadow mama swine is the number one non-mega ice type pokemon in pokemon go and ice types are really good to have due to the amount of flying-type raid bosses.

It’s also ranked 33rd in masters league and not to mention shadow mammoth swine is overall the sixth best ground type which is definitely useful and even the non-shadow version of mama swine the normal version is great ranking fourth overall for ice-type pokemon and 39th in the masters league.

So if there’s ever an event where more ice-type pokemon are spawning including swinub it’s a great opportunity to mega and ice-type pokemon and gets some extra candy and Exo candies for this monster swinnub.


Zarude is a funny story because it has to be probably one of the rarest pokemon in the entire game hands down and also one of the most useful Zarude was released only once to my knowledge back in October of 2021 during a promotional event.

image 12

This pokemon is indeed a monster ranked as the number two non-mega grass type and a top 10 overall dark type pokemon and it’s ranked 16th in the masters league it’s really useful all around.

So it begs the question why was it only available once the answer is that it was released during an event that was used to help promote the debut of a new pokemon movie on Netflix movies are released for the first time only once and apparently so are the pokemon they relate to I definitely see Zarude coming back to pokemon go and eventually the shinies are rude and when it does get it.

Shadow Moltres

shadow Moltres’ fire-type pokemon is always helpful to have pokemon go and shadow Moltres is one of the best.

Shadow Moltres

It was available to catch twice first released in 2020 as part of pokemon go fest then globally released in May 2021 this is like Mewtwo one of the strongest pokemon.

Shadow Moltres is currently the number one non-mega fire type in pokemon go and puts out a freaking load of damage.

Like with other shadow legendaries you can only get it through encounters with the team go rocket leader Giovanni and obviously shadow pokemon they’re not tradable. so it has to be through your own encounter and if you want to know first when this pokemon is coming back to Giovanni encounters.


Beldum probably has one of my favorite shiny families out of all the pokemon today and it can be shadow shiny because of that, the only way to get shadow Beldum is to wait until it comes back and rotates back into the team the rocket leader encounters and you want a shadow Beldum.

image 14

Shadowmatigross is the current number one overall steel type outclassing both mega scissor and mega stelix i’m pretty sure this is the only shadow pokemon that is the number one overall in its entire typing over mega pokemon and again you could get it to shadow shiny which is like sick but even the normal version of metagross is a freaking beast ranking fourth overall as a steel type and 32nd in the masters league take advantage of it when it’s here and finally.


image 15

Xurkitree now I know at the time of this recording Xurkitree technically hasn’t been released globally yet so heed this as a warning Xurkitree is one of the first and only ultra beasts in pokemon go and it’s currently one of the most useful this beast was first released during a pokemon go fest in japan and is rumored to be released globally later on this year and although it’s going to be released soon and therefore not technically rare at the time.

I personally believe we will not see much of Xurkitree or even the other ultra beasts after their initial release and in the meta, Xurkitree is pretty solid ranking 7th overall as an electric type attacker which again is super duper helpful with all of the flying type raid bosses it also ranks 88th in the masters league which is decent but again after its initial release I think this thing is going to be rarely talking about like once a year rare maybe and those were nine rare pokemon.

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