Ps5 Pro Development Leaked by Insider Gaming

From the release of the original PlayStation in 1994, the PlayStation series has been a staple in the gaming industry. Sony has launched multiple versions of the PlayStation console throughout the years, each introducing new technological advances and gameplay experiences. The PlayStation 5 was released in November 2020 and rapidly became one of the most sought-after gaming systems on the market. 


The PlayStation 5’s hardware specifications are astounding, featuring a unique AMD Zen 2 CPU, an AMD RDNA 2-based graphics processing unit, and an ultra-high-speed solid-state drive. With these specifications, the PlayStation 5 is capable of providing an immersive gaming experience with lightning-fast load times and amazing visuals. Could there be a more powerful console than PS5? A rumor has been spreading like fire among the gaming community. Rumor of development of PS5 PRO.  

Rumor or Reality?

So, what can we expect from the potential development of the PlayStation 5 Pro? While Sony has not officially announced the development of a Pro version, they will likely follow their past release patterns and release an upgraded version of the PlayStation 5 in the coming years.

Insider Gaming sources have stated that the PS5 Pro is under development and might be released in late 2024. According to Insider Gaming, a new PlayStation 5 with a removable disc drive will be released later this year. The existing PlayStation 5 is expected to be phased out to save production and delivery expenses. Despite common speculation, this is not the PS5 Pro model.

One potential upgrade could be an increase in the graphics processing unit. The current RDNA 2-based GPU is already powerful, but an upgraded version could deliver even more impressive visuals and smoother gameplay. 

Details on the PS5 specifications are limited. Nevertheless, according to a recently issued patent by PlayStation architect Mark Cerny (spotted by @Onion00048), Sony Interactive Entertainment is trying to “accelerate” ray tracing performance in video games.

In February, industry insider Jeff Grubb claimed on the Game Mess Decides podcast that Sony was preparing to launch a new PlayStation Showcase “before E3”. Although Insider Gaming cannot confirm this rumor at this moment, we believe a showcase is on the horizon to show off titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, as well as talk about its new hardware, which will be released at the end of 2023. 

Another area that could see improvement is the solid-state drive. While the current SSD is already lightning-fast, an upgraded version could provide even faster load times and more storage space for games.

Do We Really Need The PS5 Pro Now?

Of course, any potential upgrades would come with a higher price tag. The PlayStation 5 is already one of the most expensive gaming consoles on the market, and an upgraded version could cost even more. However, for gamers who want the best possible gaming experience, the extra cost may be worth it.

It remains to be seen whether the PS5 Pro makes sense. The current generation console market appears to have only recently stabilized with chip shortages, and developers must still release previous generations to sell additional consoles. Sony is expecting a big FY23 for console unit sales (approximately 30.5 million units), therefore a major phasing out of previous-generation titles in Spring 2024 appears logical.

What are your thoughts? Are you thrilled about the PlayStation 5 Pro’s future development? Or do you believe the existing PlayStation 5 is strong enough? Leave your opinions in the comments section below!

Nevertheless, the PlayStation 5 Pro’s development is still entirely speculative at this time. But, based on Sony’s previous release patterns and the PlayStation 5’s amazing technical specifications, an improved version of the console is probable in the future years. It remains to be seen if the improvements are big enough to justify the extra price tag, but for gamers who desire the greatest possible gaming experience, the PlayStation 5 Pro may be an intriguing option. 

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