On April Fools’ Day, PlatinumGames Reveals the Upcoming Installment in Their “Neo-Classic Arcade” Series.

As promised Platinum Games made an announcement on the 1st of April. However, it seems like the fans are not happy as there were expecting something big. The announcement is still surrounded by questions. Is it an April fool prank or really the company have something in mind?

You might recall that PlatinumGames posted a video from a clearly fake press conference last year when Hideki Kamiya and the company revealed nine new “upcoming” games as a part of a series titled the Neo-Classic Arcade. This year, the company is back at it after announcing a “Spectacular Side-Scrolling Action” game featuring Pt Shirogane, its mascot, and V-Tuber.

During Pt. “Happy-Go-Lucky Underground Radio,” a fictional radio show, the game was revealed. The small portion of game footage (if it’s a real game) can be seen at the 3:17 point in the video above, which you can view in full by turning on the subtitles.

This appears to be a neon platform game with huge light projectiles and monsters that hover in the air. If it’s a joke, it’s usually well-made; if it’s not, we believe that more effort has to be made.

According to the PlatinumGames website, this game would be the second in the Neo-Classic Arcade series, which will ultimately include the following games:

  • Volume 1 – SOL CRESTA Free-Form Vertical Scrolling Shooting
  • Volume 2 – Galactic Badass Beat ‘Em Up Action (WIP)
  • Volume 3 – Battle Action Block-Breaking Game (WIP)
  • Volume 4 – Sci-Fi Superhuman Soccer (WIP)
  • Volume 5 – Pt Spectacular Side-Scrolling Action (WIP)
  • Volume 6 – Constella-Style Side Scrolling Shooting
  • Volume 7 – High-Speed Action Racing (WIP)
  • Volume 8 – Dynamite Sexy Puzzle Game
  • Volume 9 – Ultimate Top-View Bastard Action (WIP)
  • Volume 10 – Apocalyptic Giant Robot Fighting (WIP)

Hence, the important question is: Is this real? With its long list of WIPs, last year’s fake news conference clearly stated, “We’re performing a skit here people,” but you can never be sure with PlatinumGames.

The Neo-Classic Arcade series sounds like nothing more than an April Fools’ Day joke, but PlatinumGames claim that the collection began with Sol Cresta, and when was that one announced? The Neo-Classic Arcade series “endeavors to carry on the spirit and fun of classic gaming using modern technology,” according to the studio. Matter of fact, that’s correct 1, 2021.

Does that indicate that the side-scrolling video game featuring Pt is real? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Although Kamiya is known for playing jokes on his followers, this wouldn’t be the first time one of his April Fools’ Day announcements turned out to be accurate. We’ll simply have to wait and see, we suppose.

What do you think about this announcement? Is it a joke or is there really anything coming? Tell us in the comments.

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