Most Popular & Best Minecraft Players of 2023

Minecraft has been around for over 10 years now and continues to be popular with both gamers and streamers. Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows players to build whatever they want, and it’s easy to get started because you don’t really need any prior experience to play. The controls are intuitive and easy to use, so it appeals to a wide range of players.

You can create your own world with your own rules. It is just like real life where you can invent your own sports. Some popular Minecraft trends are speedrunning, player vs hunters popularly known as manhunt, and many more. It’s great for both playing with friends as well as hosting your own server where you can play with other people. We all have done this at some point or another. However, some players took it to a next level and created their own channels on different streaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube. 

The game has a very active community so there are always people online ready to play, which makes it great for people who are looking to meet new people who share their love of Minecraft. A lot of people don’t realize how much work goes into creating a stream or YouTube channel, and the amount of effort that goes into getting viewership and building an audience.

For streamers, it’s particularly important to stay active and interact with your audience, because the majority of viewers watch a stream for at least an hour at a time, so you really have to provide value to the viewer if you want them to keep watching.

In this article, we will look at some of the most popular Minecraft Players/streamers. One thing to note is that the following list is in a random order, every individual has their own separate fan base.


The dream belongs to a rare breed of Minecraft players who created records and their own trends. Recently on 22 October, Dream has done his most anticipated face reveal. And it didn’t take time to break the internet. Today, he has more than 30 million Youtube subscribers and the world knows him for his manhunt series and insane speed runs. You’ll find many clips of Dream’s Minecraft clutches spread all across the internet. It is safe to say that literally, every Minecraft knows who Dream is. 


One of the hard pills that the world has to swallow is that Technoblade is no longer with us. Can’t believe it’s been more than 6 months since we lost Technoblade. However, he’ll be remembered as one of the greatest Minecraft players the world has ever seen. Known for his in-game intelligence, undoubtedly one of the best PvP Minecraft player to ever exists. He never did his face reveal. It was later revealed when his father broke the news of Technoblade’s demise. How can we forget the moment when Technoblade defeated Dream in a 1v1 battle in a Mr. Beast video to win 1 million dollars? 


When it comes to PvP skills or insane clutches Sapnap stands no chance against the two mentioned above. However, the thing which makes him one of the most popular Minecraft players out there is his voice and amazing commentary. He has been a part of many Dream’s manhunt videos and his presence makes the challenge more fun. 


Another very competitive PVP player in Minecraft. Known for his amazing attack combination which includes bows, fishing rods, and swords. Sometimes he can defeat his opponents without taking a single damage. Thanks to his amazing long-range skills. His name might not be very renowned among fans but you may have heard about some of his popular videos like “Minecraft but you can shoot anything” or “Minecraft but you grow old.”


One of the most popular and skillful female Minecraft streamers out there. However, Jojo is a relatively fresh Minecraft player who is well-known for her Among Us collaborations and Roblox videos. Jojo just began competing in MCC events, and her career as a Minecraft content creator took off quickly.


If you don’t recognize him by his name or his face. Just remember the guy who screams “Dreammmmm” in Dream’s manhunt videos. Yes, that is Geroge, after the manhunt videos he has become one of the most enjoyed and popular Minecraft players out there. He himself has created a lot of Minecraft challenges and people really love his screaming and reactions. 


One of the players with a very unorthodox name. However, he has taken part in one of the most difficult challenges in Minecraft. SB737, or Daniel, is an English gaming YouTuber well known for his speed-running Sonic The Hedgehog videos. He is most known for his legendary Hardcore mode series, in which his character survived for over 4600 days. Throughout the series, he obtained the fabled 1.14 “God Armour,” fought a warden in direct battle, established several farms, and accomplished numerous other feats. Surviving in a hardcore mode for a day itself is very challenging. 


Another hardcore mode legend of the game. If you want to be known, you’ve to push your limits and sometimes push the game’s limit. That is what Ph1lza has done. He is well known as the player who spent five years playing a single continuous Minecraft campaign in Hardcore mode.


One of the youngest players on this list. He is just 18 years old and one of the most popular Minecraft players. He has collaborated with one of the biggest names in the Minecraft community. He is a part of the well-known Dream SMP team. Tommy enjoys a variety of Minecraft modes, as well as different servers. Minecraft modifications, Hypixel Skyblock videos, and testing various hacking devices in Minecraft games comprise his work.


Most of you must be waiting for his name to pop up so here he is. Illumina, commonly known as Kye, is now the finest Minecraft player, in my view. He’s been a Minecraft content creator and speedrunner for years, and his records are still considered among the greatest in the game’s history. 

If you can’t find your favorite player in this list then don’t worry we will add more in the future as there are so many great players that it would be hard to cover everyone in one article. 

Things you need to know if you want to start your own streaming channel

Minecraft is a great game for both gaming and streaming because it can be played both solo and in a group setting, and it can be played both competitively and cooperatively depending on the mood of the players. It’s a simple game that is easy to get into but can be challenging to master. The control system is simple and easy to learn but allows the game to be played in a variety of ways, which makes for interesting and engaging gameplay for both casual and hardcore players.

Overall, Minecraft is a fantastic game that can be enjoyed both by beginners and experienced players alike. It’s also a great game for building communities because it’s a popular game with a passionate fanbase who are always happy to meet new people who share their passion for the game. If you’re looking to start streaming, I would definitely recommend checking out the world of Minecraft if you haven’t already!

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