Ways to repair your tools in Minecraft

Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has redefined the entire sandbox gaming experience. Minecraft has dominated the gaming industry not only because of this but also because of the exceptional experience it provides to its players. People spend hours and hours on this game but don’t even get bored.

However, there are millions of things that you can do in this game. There is a never-ending map that you can explore. And exploration takes tools and items while you are surviving in dungeons, forests, oceans, deserts, and the nether world and whatnot.

Now, tools are very helpful when it comes to surviving or gathering resources, and you know one thing tools are not permanent. They get broken and even damaged, but the one thing that is important here is to keep them improving. 

How to Repair your Tools?

Improving your means continuously repairing and enchanting your tool so that they don’t get broken. And if they get broken you have to get the resources once again and you have to craft it.

That’s why we are here to tell you how to repair your tools but there are a few things that you have to keep in mind before doing it. The most basic way of doing it is by adding two tools of a similar kind on your crafting table. It’ll repair it. 

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How to repair your tools in Minecraft

One of the ways to repair your tool is through grindstone but first of all, we have to know how to craft a grindstone. To make a grindstone you will need two sticks one slab of stone and two wooden slabs and a crafting table. To make sticks you have to place two wooden logs on the crafting menu in a vertical sequence.

Resources required for Grindstone

To make a stone slab, first, you have to place at least three cobblestones in the furnace which will get you a stone block. After that, you must arrange the stone blocks in a horizontal series of three to create a stone slab. And for wooden planks, you have to just place a wooden block on the crafting table to make a grindstone. Place the above items in the following sequence now you have crafted a grindstone.

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Now to repair your tools all you have to do is place your damaged tool and it will repair your tools back into a fully restored tool. But yeah, remember one thing, it’ll require you two tools of the same type. For example, you have to put two damaged iron pickaxes together, to get a single repaired iron pickaxe. One for two, do you think it is a fair deal?

Well repairing a tool using a grindstone is much easier for beginners, cause it requires fewer resources. And one of the best parts is that grindstone gives you experience whenever you repair a tool. 

How to repair your tools with an Anvil?

Another way to repair tools which is quite expensive and difficult to do but still you can do it using an anvil. But first of all, we have to understand how to make an anvil. To make an anvil you will need a lot of resources and finding resources in Minecraft needs exploration.

First of all, you will need a lot of iron ore which can be found in mines and you have to dig deep down under the surface to find iron ore. After that, to make an Iron ingot you need to place one iron ore in a furnace with any fuel such as coal or wooden logs.

It’s not done here you have to make a total of 31 iron ingots which will make you 31 iron ore through the process of smelting. Now you have to place 9 iron ingots on the crafting table to make one block of iron. And you will need three blocks of iron which will take you 27 iron ingots to make an anvil.

Put the above-mentioned resources in the following order. So now you have your anvil ready. One of the things about using an anvil is that you need experience points to repair your tools if you don’t have any experience you cannot repair any of your tools.

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So how to use an anvil? first of all, you have to put 2 tools of a similar kind on the anvil then it will be required you to spend your experience points to repair your tools. In this way, you can get your tools repaired from the anvil.

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Difference between an Anvil and a Grindstone

If you compare a grindstone to an anvil, it’s easy to see why you wouldn’t want an anvil if you can fix your tools with a grindstone. It’s much easier and cheaper to fix your tool with a grindstone, and you don’t have to spend your experience points on it.

But on the other hand, the anvil is also used for some other important tasks. You can put enchantments on your tools, which is the same as putting magic on your tools. If you add the right enchantments, you’ll never have to repair or make your tools again. Some of your magical tools can work for a very long time and can never break. So why not do it if you have to spend some experience points on it?

The anvil is used to fix and enchant tools, while the grindstone is used to fix them. In the game Minecraft, you’ll need tools like an axe or a shovel to gather resources. If you keep using these things over and over, they will eventually break. Since making them from scratch takes time, fixing them is one of the better solutions to this problem. As we’ve said before in this guide, you can fix these items with a grindstone or an anvil.

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