How to Make Minecraft Ender Chest 2023

Minecraft Ender Chest Recipe: This article explains how to make an Ender chest in Minecraft and how to put it to good use in the game. Here, you’ll learn all about ender chests, from what they are to how to make one.

If you want a safe place to store things in Minecraft, all you have to do is look for an Ender Chest, which you can only find in the End Cities. You can also make your own ender chest using a crafting table. You’ll need eight pieces of obsidian and an eye of ender to complete this. To make an eye of the ender, you need blaze powder and an ender pearl, which, if you were wondering, is also the recipe for an ender chest.

Features of Ender Chest

To begin, an ender chest is very similar to a regular chest; it even has as many storage compartments as a chasse (up to 27), and it can only be mined with a wooden pickaxe or better that has been enchanted with the silk touch enchantment.

image 7
Inside Minecraft Ender Chest
  • The ender chest will be destroyed if you don’t use a pickaxe with a silk touch.
  • To facilitate item transport from the apex of the nether, the player’s ender chests are linked together, not just in the same dimension but across all dimensions.
  • Instead of putting everything in your inventory, you’ll have a backup stock of easily accessible items.
  • The contents of your ender chest are private and inaccessible to other players.
  • You can’t use a piston to move an ender chest, and it also doesn’t work with hoppers, droppers, or comparators, so you can’t use one to load items into the chest. Ender chests have a particle effect and emit a light level of 7 that is still dim enough to allow mobs to spawn.
  • If an ender chest is broken, its contents will be lost until a new one is crafted.

Ender Chest Recipe in Minecraft

As already mentioned, after reading about the Ender Chest’s features, you must believe that it is one of the most valuable components of the game. However, crafting one is not difficult; the difficulties lay in the ingredients. Gathering each element of the Ender Chest will put you to the test, and without proper preparation, it will be a difficult task.

The ingredients are:

  • Obsidian 
  • Ender Eye
  • Blaze rods
  • Crafting table

How to get Obsidian?

Obsidian is usually mined underground in caves. Obsidian forms where water meets lava, so look for black obsidian chunks in lava pools. Obsidian can be created by discovering a pool of lava, fencing it in, and then pouring water over it with a bucket. One of the hardest blocks to break and a diamond pick axe is recommended. You need to collect 8 obsidians for the Ender Chest. 

So far, it is not that difficult to get obsidian; all you need is a diamond pickaxe, and some enhancements on it are like a cherry on top. The only difficulty here is that you were unfortunate enough to fall into the pool of lava. Ahh, that is one of the most helpless feelings in the game. 

How to get Ender Pearl before making the Ender Eye?

Moving on it takes us to the next challenge, getting the Ender Pearls. First of all, we have to obtain the Ender eye. Here, we have to deal with the Enderman. No matter what, don’t look into their eyes, because sometimes they can become a living nightmare. Find and kill an Enderman to obtain a pearl as loot.

Ender pearls are uncommon in Minecraft, however, when killed, endermen have a 50% chance of dropping one. Make sure you have a good weapon such as a diamond sword and armor. Wait till it spawns at night, then attack it to check whether it drops a pearl. 

Here are a few tips to kill Enderman without getting much damage. 

  • Put a carved pumpkin on your head and in that way you can see the Enderman, and it will not attack you. Making the fight easy for you.
  • Pour water into the battle zone and once the Enderman touches the water, it will take some damage and teleport.
  • Since the Enderman is scared and takes damage from the water, If you put a boat near the enderman, it will remain on the boat without leaving or attacking back.

Finding the Blaze Rod to make Blaze Powder in order to make an Ender Eye

Now that you have obtained the Ender Pearl, in order to craft an Ender Eye you need to combine the Ender Pearl with the Blaze powder. Blaze powder can be made using the blaze rod and for that, we have to travel to the Nether world. From here things are going to get challenging. 

Minecraft Ender Chest

Now, in order to get the Blaze Rod, we have to kill the Blaze in the Nether fortress. To get a rod, enter the nether portal, find the nether fortress, and kill a blaze. Blazes, which are floating creatures, may be found at Nether fortresses. When you locate a stronghold, use an enchanted sword or a ranged weapon like a bow or crossbow to kill the blaze. If you loot it to locate the blaze rod, you have a 50% chance of collecting rods every time you kill a blaze.

  • Fortunately, you’ll only need one blaze rod to construct the ender chest.
  • When hunting for a blaze stronghold, make careful to wear defensive gear. It will keep you safe during the fight!
  • Drinking the potion that protects you from fire, is very helpful in this situation. 

Now that we have Blaze Rod and Ender Pearl, Put it in the crafting menu, and placing the rod in the slot will get you 2 Blaze Powders.

Then combine the Ender Pearl with The Balze Powder to get the Ender Eye 

Minecraft Ender Chest Recipe

Now we have all the ingredients and we can construct the Ender Chest. Follow the below steps.

1. Open the crafting table and begin creating the ender chest.

Open your crafting table and use the gathered ingredients in your inventory. When you open your crafting table, you will see the 3×3 crafting grid shown below:

Open your crafting table

2.  Place the Obsidian

Now that you have at least eight obsidian blocks in your inventory, place them on the grid such that all spaces are filled up except for the one in the center. Notice the picture below:

3. Place the Ender Eye

There is an empty space in the middle of the grid after you have placed the obsidian. The eye of the ender will be placed here as our second item. The ender chest will appear on the opposite side as soon as you place it.

Minecraft Ender Chest Recipe

You have crafter the Ender Chest. Now you need to place it in the real world and start using it. 

There isn’t much to say about Ender’s Chests beyond what I’ve already said; as I mentioned, they don’t interact with anything (no Redstone, etc.) and are, instead, simply chests that can be moved with a silk touch pickaxe and accessed from pretty much anywhere (like shulker boxes, but more portable).

Minecraft Ender Chest Recipe
Ender Chest

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