Lego 2K Drive: Official Trailer Has Arrived Game Available for Pre Order

Lego 2K Drive has now received its official announcement after being shortly leaked. A fresh announcement trailer from 2K Games offers an open-world idea based on recognizable building blocks. 

In the past several weeks, rumors, high-quality images, and logos for the next racing game from the LEGO Group and 2K Games, LEGO 2K Drive, have been posted online. But, a new teaser and information about the colorful racing game, which will be available on many platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, on May 19, have completely cracked the seal on LEGO 2K Drive today. Below are all the details as provided by The LEGO Group.

The first game in a series of AAA LEGO games being developed by 2K and the LEGO Group will be called LEGO 2K Drive. With the LEGO Group’s unmatched cultural impact and 2K’s demonstrated competence in developing high-quality and engaging interactive entertainment assets, the partnership will transform the beloved LEGO gaming experience for fans in exciting new ways.

For the first time, a LEGO driving game will provide AAA quality, a rich gameplay experience, and amazing visuals thanks to a top-notch team at Visual Concepts with strong experience in the genre. Open-world driving and competitive racing will be combined with the greatest aspects of LEGO 2K Drive, which will also have a robust system for vehicle customization. 

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The McLaren Solus GT and McLaren F1 LM, which were recently released in a LEGO Speed Champions double-pack set to help mark 60 years since racer and engineer Bruce McLaren established McLaren, will also be introduced to the world of Bricklandia as part of a partnership with supercar and hypercar manufacturer McLaren Automotive. The cover vehicles perfectly capture the thrilling, high-octane experience fans can anticipate in LEGO 2K Drive. This news is enough to give speed thrills to racing fans. 

Key features of LEGO 2K Drive include:

  • Gamers will explore the several unique biome zones of Bricklandia. The players can also compete in a competition with a number of fascinating opponents in the hopes of one day taking home the prized Sky Cup Trophy. With a large open environment to explore filled with racing, minigames, challenges, treasures, and objects to demolish. How can we forget the well-known cars from LEGO themes including City, Creator, Speed Champions, and more, players may customize their gameplay in LEGO 2K Drive.
  • High-Octane LEGO Racing: The racing in LEGO 2K Drive is a fast-paced, insane experience as competitors race across a variety of tracks while utilizing special power-up abilities that can instantly change a player’s position in the race with the press of a button. Things can turn in a snap, so the thrill is going to be at its peak. 
  • Unique Customization: In LEGO 2K Drive, players can create their own cars according to their preferences with over 1,000 exclusive LEGO components that become accessible during the course of the journey, in addition to a wide variety of color schemes, stickers, flairs, and other options. Which car design do you have in mind, do let us know in the comment section. 
  • Play Alone or With Others: LEGO 2K Drive provides engaging cooperative play and exciting multiplayer competition. Play locally on a 2-person split-screen with loved ones, or compete online against other brave racers of comparable ability.

There will be more to come as we get our hands on the game and explore the features ourselves.

Some words from the founders

“Video games have long been an important way our fans experience the magic of the LEGO System-in-Play, and 2K’s strong track record of delivering quality, innovative titles for a broad range of audiences makes them the perfect partner to create the next iconic AAA LEGO games,” said Remi Marcelli, Head of LEGO GAME. “Beginning with LEGO 2K Drive, we’re excited for fans to experience a fresh new take that builds on the LEGO humor and fun fans have come to expect.”

“The LEGO Group is an iconic brand with decades of innovative consumer experiences, and we were thrilled at the opportunity to partner with them as we continue to expand the 2K portfolio to new audiences worldwide,” said David Ismailer, President and CEO of 2K. “LEGO 2K Drive is an incredible first step in our multi-title commitment to delivering new, groundbreaking LEGO games.”

The world has high hopes for the game, what are your thoughts? Do tell us in the comment section below. And don’t forget to check out our other articles in order to get tips, tricks, and insights about other games. Till then try not to put your feet on a lego. 

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