Jennifer Lopez Naked Dress Reveals Ultra-Sculpted Legs and Butt


Jennifer Lopez always looks amazing on the red carpet, so you know you can count on her for that. She also served as a source of fitness and fashion motivation with her most recent sheer number. She attended the premiere of her newest film, Shotgun Wedding, this week and broadcast a live video to her Instagram followers as she made her way down the red carpet.

A neon yellow bow was hidden beneath her completely see-through “naked” dress. Jennifer’s outfit highlighted her current state of incredible physical strength, and she exuded self-assurance as she posed with co-star Josh Duhamel.


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I’ll fill you in on the secret of how “Jenny from the Block” gains her strength. The first thing you need to know is that Jennifer “very rarely skips a workout,” as she told Us Weekly. Although Jennifer works her shoulders on a resistance machine in this highlight, the star typically deletes her feed during promotional periods.

And JLo is, of course, a great dancer. And you can see her working up a sweat on stage as she dances.

To prepare for her upcoming performance at the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show, Jennifer Lopez has put in countless hours of training with aerial acrobatics dancer and choreographer Johanna Sapakie. Sapakie claimed that their pole dancing routines were no laughing matter and necessitated a great deal of strength.

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