Is Collecting New Pokemon Cards Worth it

Most new players are still determining whether Pokemon cards are valuable. This is the most obvious question, as the game was launched in 1996. Pokemon is still relevant. Collecting Pokemon cards has been the most significant trend in the gaming industry.

Early Pokemon games and then Pokemon Go made collecting cards famous. To find out if it’s still worth it, we have to look at the current gaming trends. In this article, we will find out if Pokemon cards are still worth it.

Are Pokemon games still popular?

Pokemon Go was one of the most trending topics in 2016, which fueled the trend of collecting Pokemon cards. Most millennials have a stack of thousands of Pokemon cards. We must acknowledge that Pokemon Go fans still have a game craze.

Whether collecting Pokemon Go is still worth it depends on the number of active users and players. Let’s have a look at the stats.

According to Statista, Pokemon Go has around 146 thousand daily active users in the United States. The same reports conclude that the game is still one of the best games. If we compare the involved users to those in other countries, the number is relatively low.

There are various games with better graphics that have taken over the internet. To sum up, Pokemon Go still has a large enough user base, but when it comes to collecting cards, there are better options than this.

To understand whether or not it’s worth it, we must consider why you are collecting Pokemon cards. Let’s find out the reasons.

Why do people collect Pokemon cards?

The primary reason people collect Pokemon cards is. First, some people are passionate about collecting cards, while others see it as a way to make money. Players love collecting cards and then selling the entire collection at higher prices. Find the category to which you belong. Whatever type you are, the opportunity is abundant. We go through each one of them.

Passionate Pokemon Card Collectors

People collect cards for happiness. For them, the only thing that matters is their interest. As we all know, Pokemon Go was one of the earliest games in the 20s; therefore, several memories are attached to the collection. People love to relive their childhood and remember all the memories.

If you are one of them, you need an analysis to know whether it is still worth it. Just collect your happiness and joy. That’s the only thing that matters—your memories and collection. 

Pokemon Cards for Profit

Let’s be clear: when people collect Pokemon cards for money, they only focus on collecting rare and classic cards. The harder it is to find a card, the higher the price you will receive for it. As a result, determine which are rarest and tend to be more expensive than others.

Another thing to remember is that the Pokemon cards with amazing graphics and excellent concepts work best. So, the next thing is to find which drawings are best when you want to earn money through these cards. Let’s dig in!

Which Pokemon cards are worth collecting?

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Gamble on Modern Pokemon Cards

Gamble’s Modern Pokemon Cards Collection is still relevant. If you ever visited eBay, you would find a whole listing of gambling cards. Each card’s price can range from a few dollars to thousands. Try to see about the cards and how you can leverage their popularity of these cards.

Other popular cards include the Gambler 60/62 1st Edition Fossil Set Pokemon Card, Trainer 60/62 Fossil Set Common Card (Near Mint), and Charizard VMAX Rainbow Rare from Champion’s Path. You must check these cards. 

Grade Vintage Pokemon Cards

Graded Pokemon cards are the most expensive. So, before we plunge into profits, we will find what makes these cards valuable. Grading refers to the method through which the condition of Pokemon cards is rated. The better the Pokemon card’s state, the better the price you will get for the card. 

Therefore, when collecting vintage cards, always look at the condition. Suppose you’re purchasing a card from eBay. Always ask for better images of the back view and even the front sight. Find the card in good condition, grade the card, and then the card will be valued more than any ordinary card.

Flip-graded Pokemon card

A flip-graded Pokemon card’s value is more significant than any ordinary card’s. EBay prices of the flip guarded cards start from $77, and then the value can go on to thousands of dollars. The prices of these cards will pay much higher than others expected. 

Flip cards always interest the players, and the demand is relatively high. Therefore, if you can collect the Flip-graded Pokemon cards, it will give you higher returns. You must find some of the best cards and sell them at much higher rates.

Collecting New Pokemon cards: worth it?

The answer to the question depends solely on your purpose. When it comes to earning your collection, it’s still worth it. Players still spend a lot of money on the supply of Pokemon cards. Collecting cards is still worth it if you can provide them with their desired cards at a reasonable price.

For people who are collecting for your happiness, It would help if you kept doing it for your satisfaction. To answer the question, are Pokemon cards still worth it? Well, players still love to spend money on cards.


We would like to know if it’s still worth collecting cards. It would help if you answered that question for yourself. Find and then decide if it’s worth it for you or not. Remember to share the blog with your friends if you found the article helpful.

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