How to Unlock MP5 Gun in Modern Warfare 2 Beta

Several players in COD MW2 Beta are attempting to unlock the MP5. The Beta version of the game has several guns for you to try, so it is only natural that players would want to use the strongest SMG in the game.

However, unlocking it is not exactly straightforward if you don’t know what you are doing. So in this short article let’s quickly check how you can unlock and get the MP5 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

How to Unlock MP5 Guns in Modern Warfare 2 Beta

How you can use the MP5 SMG and the dead silence field upgrade during the Modern Warfare 2 Beta as it stands right now both of these items are meant to be locked while the beta is live but thanks to a cheeky little trick you’re able to create a class that has them both.

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  • First you need to head to weapons and then select your Loadout scroll across to the plus button which allows you to create a new Loadout slot and then select the hunter stalker class and as you can see by default this has the Dead Silence field upgrade equipped to it.
  • Once you’ve done that then you want to select a shotgun as your primary weapon once you’ve done that then scroll across to your perk package and here you can select any of the perk packages that have overkill on it or you can make your own perk package, But like I say just make sure that you have Overkill selected.
  • Once you have confirmed your perk pack package then you’ll see that the lockman 556 assault rifle is automatically selected as your secondary which is a weapon that is normally locked.
  • Now, you need to use this weapon in game and level it up until you unlock the lockman sub receiver this is the receiver needed to turn this weapon into an MP5 submachine gun.

As this isn’t intended I suspect that it will likely be patched by Infinity Ward in the coming days so if you do want to try this out I definitely recommend getting onto it quickly.

Boost your MP5 shooting speed with these tips

MW2 features a variety of weapons and accessories that can be used to increase your firepower and performance. Here are some tips for getting MP5 faster in Modern Warfare 2:

  1. Start by selecting your weapon type carefully. The MP5 is a great choice for close quarters combat, but if you’re planning on using it at a distance, consider choosing another weapon.
  2. Get used to aiming down the barrel of your MP5. This weapon has a high rate of fire, so mastering its controls will make a huge difference when it comes to speed and accuracy.
  3. Practice reloading your MP5 as often as possible.

In conclusion,the MP5 is a popular gun in Modern Warfare 2 beta. It is not currently possible to unlock it, but there are tips on how to do so. Players should experiment with the different guns and find which one they like best.

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