How to Style Curtain Bangs?


Should I cut my hair short and acquire bangs? Stylists get asked this frequently by clients who come in wanting to make a change to their appearance and have brought in photos of ‘dos they like as inspiration. It’s a common concern because bangs are such a long-term style (it takes around a year for them to properly grow out!).

As luck would have it, bangs are universally flattering, looking great on everything from short, straight hair to long, wavy hair with layers. If the thought of making that first cut with the shears still has you tingling with nervous energy, you might want to ease into it with some curtain bangs. Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Barry, Nicole Richie, and Ariana Grande are just a few of the celebrities who have been spotted with this slicked-side style that frames the forehead.

What is Curtain Bangs?

What may sound like knocks on the curtains is in fact just that. Curtain bangs, as defined by Paul Labrecque, creative director, and master stylist and colorist at Paul Labrecque Salon and Skincare Spa, “appear to open in the center of the face and frame it as a curtain does for a stage when it is drawn open,” he explains. Dani Everson, founder of SkinForYou and owner of Clementine’s Salon, explains that scarves often drape such that the center is the shortest point and tapers to each side, with the sides being the longest points.

How should curtain bangs be cut?

Call your stylist if you’re ready to take the leap. While you may be tempted to do it yourself, how difficult might it be? — It’s actually extremely difficult to pull off the appearance, especially with an unskilled hand. And botched bangs aren’t simple to fix, especially if you cut them too short from the start.

Everson adds your hairdresser will most likely split out your bangs while you’re in the chair. Then, using scissors or a razor, they’ll cut the hair such that the smallest length is in the center of the face and cascades out to longer pieces that strike the sides of the face. According to Labrecque, your hairdresser may employ a technique known as “slide cutting” to accomplish this. “Slide cutting is done by angling the scissor behind our hand, keeping the blades open steadily, and then pulling from a shorter point to a longer point.” This gives curtain bangs a delicate, feathery edge rather than a harsh and more severe appearance.

How to use a curling iron to style curtain bangs?

If you have more skill with a curling iron, you may accomplish a similar style using the curling iron

How to style curtain bangs with a hair blower?

How do style curtain bangs without heat?

You may be wondering if you need to use a blow dryer or other heat instrument to style your curtain bangs if your hair is color-treated or prone to split ends. A set of rollers and some time to let your hair air dry (overnight is excellent!) are all you need, according to the experts. This is how:

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