How to Install Elden Ring on PlayStation 4 (Ps4)

Elden Ring won the Game Of The Year Award in 2022. Elden Ring has given role-playing game fans one of its kind experience. The game was released on 24 February 2022 and since then it has created a new legacy when it comes to role-playing games.

The fans love the engaging story, environment, and hardcore actions. Without wasting time let’s take a look at how you can download Elden Ring on PlayStation 4. Then we will take a look at the breathtaking story of the game. 

Turn on your PlayStation and go to the PlayStation Store. The game is easy to locate by searching for “Elden Ring.” Then, select the edition you want, pay for it, and begin the download.

Here’s what you need to do to remotely download Elden Ring:

  • In your browser, navigate to
  • In the top-right corner of the screen, click Sign In. This account must match the account you use on your PlayStation for this to operate.
  • Look for “Elden Ring” using the search box.
  • Click on the “Add to cart” button and complete the further easy processes. 

The standard edition of the game stands at a price of $59 .99 and the deluxe edition is $79.99 

The story of Elden Ring without any spoilers

The story of Elden Ring goes like the Lands Between were blessed by the Greater Will (a sort of god preoccupied with Order over Chaos), who sent down the Elden Ring – a magical item that reshaped the Lands Between according to its desires. The Elden Ring was contained within the Erdtree, a massive golden spectral tree. With this ability, the Erdtree was able to give the Elden Ring’s grace on the land and its inhabitants, resulting in an exceedingly ordered world.

Queen Marika the Eternal ruled over the Lands Between, a creature selected by the Greater Will who served as a guardian and custodian of the Elden Ring and had many children. She also purposely changed it by removing the Rune of Destined Death, making everyone who wore the Elden Ring becomes immortal. Everyone was impacted in this way, but the Elden Ring and Erdtree appeared to reject some of them, labeling them as Tarnished and sending them into exile. They couldn’t die, but they had been marked in some manner as unworthy.

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Install Elden Ring on PlayStation 4

Marika had two husbands throughout her reign: Godfrey, who got Tarnished and fled into exile, and Radagon, the enigmatic red-haired warrior. Both of these men became Elden Lords and earned a great deal of divine power as a result of their marriage with Marika; in fact, while Marika is a tremendously powerful entity, her consorts, aka the Elden Lords, appear to be nearly as strong as she is.

The Elden Ring, however, was subsequently fractured into numerous Great Runes during an occurrence known as the Night of the Black Knives, in which a clan of mystery assassins murdered several of Marika’s demigod children. A horrible conflict broke out among the remaining demigods known as the Shattering, which was sparked when someone attacked and shattered the Elden Ring, further distorting reality and jeopardizing the Greater Will’s vision of the world. Marika vanished without a trace and has not been seen since, leaving the rest of the world in the dark as to where she went.

The conflict ended in a stalemate between several groups – many magnificent demigods have Great Runes scavenged from the destroyed Elden Ring, but none have fully ascended to power to either replace Marika (as some powerful demigods known as Empyreans may) or become the next consort, aka a new Elden Lord (which anybody could do).

This meaningless middle ground caused the Elden Ring’s blessing to wane from the Lands Between, and decades later, the Erdtree is summoning the Tarnished to break the stalemate. The Greater Will is not pleased with the current state of affairs, and by failing to climb to power, all existing demigods have demonstrated why they are not worthy of becoming Lords or even new Empyrean vessels to replace Marika.

And you are one of these terrible Tarnished. Elden Ring casts you as an initially insignificant figure in a universe of monsters and demigods vying for the sovereignty of the Lands Between. It is your responsibility to travel the globe, gain power, and battle or form an alliance with people you meet in order to bring about a new order by collecting the Great Runes. You will have the opportunity to repair the Elden Ring and become the next Elden Lord, transforming the world to match the beliefs and wishes of whatever side you are working with.

Sounds interesting right? So can you repair the Elden Ring and gain its power it will be interesting to see which side you choose. Do tell us in the comment section below. 

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