Hogwarts Legacy Patch 01.000.004 is now available

Another Hogwarts Legacy patch was released late Friday, February 17th, 2023, just three days after the last update. The most recent update brings Hogwarts Legacy up to version 1.000.004.

While the last patch did a great job of fixing problems experienced by Xbox One X and Xbox One S players, several problems were still there for PS5 and PC players.

The latest patch will fix the problems that players on PS5 and PC have been experiencing and make the game more stable and efficient to play.

Problems with stability while skipping cutscenes and visual effects during the robe change were the most common complaints from players on PS5 and PC.

Issues Fixed in Patch

  • Issues with accomplishment data not being correctly transferred to the Wizarding World portal after connecting have been resolved.
  • In the case that a session expires, extra retry connections to the WB Games server have been added.
  • The issue with the Collector’s Edition trophy not being updated properly has been fixed by increasing the restriction on the number of trophies that may be earned. After done, all of the player’s previously acquired trophies will become immediately accessible. The following complaints are now addressed: HL-1191
  • A problem with mail not correctly initiating a sequential mission has been resolved.
  • Resolved an unusual crash that occurred in specific places where in-game World Events spawned.
  • Resolved flickering issues with a translucent head when hair is still there.
  • Further content items’ localization text has been updated.
  • The build version was included for the first time. EULA and Resolved a rare case when mission descriptions were not presented appropriately.
  • An uncommon crash while respawning NPCs in the world has been fixed.
  • Crash with various NPC schedules has been fixed.
  • Fixed the VFX presentation of the robe transition.
  • While skipping cutscenes, a stability problem was resolved.
  • Resolved a crash when watching cutscenes and cinematics.
  • Fidelity mode performance has been improved.
  • Resolved a rare crash caused by hovering over the map. Corrected a wind problem that caused distortion and stretching of world assets.
  • Fixed a rare material switching occurrence Fixed a rare crash with map assets state
  • Fixed A rare crash occurs when in-game world events occur.
  • HL-313 global lighting system memory leak fixed
  • Upon closing the game, I cleaned up the autosaves.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the save system was writing data.
  • The mistake of replacing the final autosave slot has been corrected.
  • If a Save Game is manually removed, it is now rebuilt.
  • Enhanced crash collection to aid in the pursuit of uncommon crashes.

These are the Above issues addressed by patch 01.000.004 are highlighted in the patch notes given by the game developers.

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