Minecraft: How To Find Villages 2023

How to Find Villages in Minecraft: The possibilities of things you can do in Minecraft seems endless, the creators have spent thousands of hours developing the game and left no stone unturned to give the players one of the most unique survival adventure game. As a beginner looking at the adventures might confuse you, where and how to begin. With fewer resources, you have to start your journey. And during your journey, if you are lucky you will find a Minecraft village and for a beginner, a Minecraft village can be very useful as you can find some essential tools and a load of food. 

And one thing beginners struggle with is food. And in the villages, you will get a lot of food. More or less, several other rewards are waiting for you. In this case, it brings us to our first question how to find a Minecraft village? 

How to Find Villages in Minecraft?

A village is a group of structures that may be found in the overworld. They frequently have villagers, golems, cats, cattle, traders, and other characters. Associating with the villager will allow you to trade with them at a lower cost than normal, and the Iron Golems will not harm you, unless and until you have some crazy plans in mind. 

A village is visible from a great distance, but because they are randomly formed, you must search extensively to discover one. If you’re playing in Survival Mode, simply roaming around and exploring is the easiest approach to discovering a village. In the overworld, villages are formed at random, hence their placement is random. Naturally, this assumes that you’re not using a world seed.

Find a higher location and take a look around when traveling and exploring. You can see past mountains from high ground, and you just might discover a village that way. The farther out you can see, the higher your draw distance. Don’t worry if your computer isn’t very powerful or if you can’t raise the draw distances much. Still, using high ground is preferable to avoiding hills and mountains. You could notice some odd buildings and features when seen from a distance. If you notice them, check your location and move in that direction; those shapes and structures are probably villages. 

So this is the explorer method. If you are just starting the game and want a village next to you, then you can use some seed tricks. 

A seed is a piece of code that instructs the game’s world generator as to what to create. Each seed frequently has a particular landmark or feature, such as Villages, and Pyramids, however, the specifics might vary. Every seed you use results in a different kind of village.

You must seek seeds online to use them. Start a new game in Minecraft and input the seed once you have one you like. The Village for which you made the world will ultimately be found, albeit you may have to travel a little.

A seed with two villages on either side of the desert is 8638613833825887773. Others, like 1777181425785, feature mountainous regions with forested communities. But remember not every seed will give you a village nearby because each seed has its unique set of instructions. 

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One of the two most effective ways to a village is through seeds. The Villages’ permanent locations are another advantage.

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Another approach to finding a Minecraft village is using the locate command. 

Every version of Minecraft that this command supports includes:

  • Console Edition
  • Java Edition
  • Bedrock Edition
  • Pocket Edition
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Education Edition

Simply open the chat window and use the command “/locate Village” without the quotation marks to utilize it. You will receive the coordinates for the closest village from the command. All that is left for you to do is go there and begin trading.

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And there you go, follow the path and you’ll find yourself in a Village. 

The above information might be very familiar to you but the one coming next is very unique because it includes a third-party application. 

You might be dubious about the effectiveness of a third-party tool like the Minecraft Village Finder in helping you find a Village, but you can put your confidence in us that it works. Then, how does it operate?

Take a look at these instructions:

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  1. Visit the Minecraft Village Finder’s website.
  2. In order to discover the seed of your current world, all you need to do is type “/world seed.”
  3. Now go back to the website and then type the seed into the Minecraft Village Finder.
  4. The chart will do its work and help you find the accurate coordinates to the closest Village to you.
  5. Now all you need to do is to travel to the location

It seems simple to do. The finest feature is that it can scan a large region, and your seed will have hundreds of Villages. The website allows you to zoom in and out and also provides the coordinates for where the Villages are situated.

The Village will be ready for you if you just travel to the coordinates as Minecraft allows you to activate coordinates.

All versions of Minecraft are compatible with the Minecraft Village Finder. To make sure you’re using the correct seed, you just need to change the selection on the page. Cause we don’t want you to end up in a lava pit. 

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