Disney Dreamlight Valley Response To Error In The Game’s Premium Shop

Disney Dreamlight Valley has won over the hearts of gamers by giving all of them free items to make up for a mistake in the game’s premium shop. There was an issue in the Premium Store, but Disney Dreamlight Valley has assured their followers on Twitter that they are trying to make up for it.

Scrooge’s Store products were mistakenly included in premium packages. Bundles of products and other cosmetics may be purchased with either real money or Moonstones obtained from chests and seasonal passes in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s premium shop.

It has come to our attention that two Scrooge’s Store packages were inadvertently added to this week’s premium store update. Although the premium shop products are exclusive to this store, Gameloft has acknowledged that the mix-up was accidental.

As news of the problem spread online, both the Scholarly Study Set and the Celestial Book Nook bundles were immediately taken off sale. Two new collections, the Field Day Ensemble, and the Art Deco Poster Collection were added to the premium shop after the erroneously placed products were taken down.

This may sound overly handy, but Gameloft has also taken care of the issue of what to do with the players who have already purchased products from Scrooge’s Shop using both Moonstones and actual money.

In an act of goodwill, Gameloft has promised to reimburse players for their Moonstones spent at the premium store on products from Scrooge’s Shop and provide them with the missing items at no cost. Any Moonstones spent on the missing goods will be refunded to the players who originally purchased them via in-game mail.

A message will be sent to all players in-game, providing them with all goods from the two eliminated bundles, so nobody misses out. But, Disney Dreamlight Valley has not yet announced when these will mailings will begin arriving. The Gameloft crew has promised to announce the precise timing of the emails on their social media channels, though.

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