Fix Discord Stuck Downloading Update 1 of 1 Error on Mac

Discord established itself as the most popular chat and Vlop platform. As a gamer, I cannot imagine a day without using Discord. However, even there are bad days for the giants and even the top companies can face some technical issues for instance, on a Mac, “Discord stuck on downloading update 1 of 1”. In this article, My job is to examine the causes of this issue and offer step-by-step instructions for fixing it.

Many users of this site have experienced the same problem as you. unquestionably it is harming their experience. Let’s not keep your friends waiting if you are having trouble joining the chat and they are waiting for you. All the potential fixes for this problem are covered in this article. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Why is Discord on my Mac stuck downloading an update?

Discord might be unable to download an update on your Mac for a variety of reasons, including authorization restrictions, cache-related issues, antivirus interference, and server outages. We have the best solution for you, regardless of the underlying problem.

How to Fix the Discord Update 1 of 1 Stuck Downloading Error on Mac (Possible Fix)

Discord Stuck Downloading Update 1 of 1 Error on Ma

Unfortunately, the Discord stuck downloading update 1 of 1 problem on Mac has no official fixes as of yet. Don’t be discouraged, though; all the potential solutions for fixing this problem are listed below. Check for any changes on the Discord server’s maintenance or outage before continuing. Check out the solutions listed below if the developer isn’t experiencing this problem.

  • Restart Mac Device
  • Clear Discord Cache
  • Disable VPN & Antivirus
  • Use admin privileges
  • Uninstall & Reinstall Discord

These are the solutions you may use to solve the problem. Let’s take a closer look at the procedure steps to have a better understanding. 

Restart Mac Device

We advise you to restart your Mac device immediately after reading this. This is so that you may get rid of any temporary cache or problems that are preventing the update by starting over.

Clear Discord Cache

The problem may be quickly fixed by deleting the cache files that have gathered in Discord over time. It’s possible that the problem is with the application you are using and not with your Mac. Additionally, similar issues are frequently brought on by app cache files. On their Mac devices, several customers have reported that this modification has fixed the Discord stuck downloading update 1 of 1 problem.

Disable VPN & Antivirus on Mac

Disabling the VPN and antivirus software that you are connected to is another option you might try. These applications occasionally see other running software as a threat to the system. In order to update Discord, it is preferable to switch them off for a bit.

Use Admin Privileges

Updates or installs may be hampered by restricted permissions on local or guest Mac user accounts. Close the app and use Activity Monitor to make sure it isn’t active in the background to avoid this. To start Activity Monitor, press Command + Space and enter the desired command. After that, select the process by typing Discord into the search field and clicking the X button. Navigate to Applications in Finder, click Discord, and select Show Package Contents from the context menu. Right-click the Discord file in Contents > MacOS and choose Open. By carrying out this command, Discord is started with administrative rights, enabling updates.

Uninstall & Reinstall Discord

Reinstalling the application is your final resort if your issue has still not been fixed. While doing so won’t put the channels you’re linked to at risk, it’s still a good idea to log out of your account just to be cautious.

Users can always contact the Support Team for more help if they are still seeing the same difficulty.

Final remarks

By using the previously mentioned troubleshooting methods, the problem of Discord becoming stuck in an error loop during the installation of Update 1 of 1 can be fixed. The majority of users advise a complete reinstallation of the Discord application since they believe it to be the most effective way to fix update-related issues and guarantee a seamless experience going forward.

In conclusion, even though “Discord stuck on downloading update 1 of 1” may be frustrating, following the instructions provided in this article should help you resolve the problem and resume using this popular chat platform. Consider contacting Discord’s support staff for more help if all else fails. 

And don’t forget to check out our other articles to get tips, tricks, and other insights about different games. Till then I’ll go and have some chit-chat with my friends on Discord. 

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