Death Stranding 2 and Sony’s new first-person shooter will be released in 2024

The much anticipated Death Stranding 2 was officially confirmed at this year’s The Game Awards, with Hideo Kojima in his presence. Following the unveiling trailer, the video game creator took the stage to discuss the title. While no release date has been announced, a new leak released on ResetEra has hinted at when the sequel will be available on PlayStation 5. And now with all the hype around the game Death Stranding 2 also popularly quoted as DS2 has got a potential release window. 

According to a recent leak, Death Stranding 2 and a Sony forthcoming first-person shooter will be released in 2024. Which is great news for fans since the world knows how successful the first part of Death Stranding was, and what’s even better about the sequel is that it not only continues the previous plot but the game’s plotline was rewritten in response to recent events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The other first-person shooting game is yet to be named and according to the reports, the “upcoming first-person shooter” mentioned on Aliberti’s page is most likely being developed by Firewalk Studios, which has an exclusive arrangement with Sony Interactive Entertainment to produce its first AAA-class multiplayer game under its wing in 2021. 

Death Stranding 2 and Sony’s new first-person shooter will be released in 2024

Even before the announcement of Death Stranding 2, there was a lot of buzz about the game, and from the beginning, there was a lot of talk about the cast. The gaming world has been waiting for the sequel’s formal announcement for a long time before The Game Awards 2022. Aside from Norman Reedus’ revelation, Kojima himself provided other hints, suggesting numerous characters and faces that would appear in the next edition of the series.

The working title for the project has been disclosed as Death Stranding 2, with the final title expected to be released later. Norman Reedus, Lea Seydoux, Elle Fanning, Shioli Kutsuna, and Troy Baker are among the confirmed cast members. 

Apart from the star cast, what makes Death Stranding a huge success? If you haven’t played the first part of the series then you have definitely missed a masterpiece. Now we will tell you the plot of the game without dropping any spoilers and hopefully, after reading this you’ll give the game a shot and soon join the gaming community waiting for the other part’s release. 

Death Stranding is a post-apocalyptic adventure, except instead of zombies or nuclear war, our demise was brought about by an event known as Death Stranding.

The Death Stranding was a catastrophic event in which ghostly “Beached Things,” or BTs, emerged in the realm of the living, causing a large quantity of simultaneous explosion-like “voidouts” all across the earth that annihilated everything caught up in them, leaving nothing but craters in their wake. As a result of the Death Stranding, previously unknown particles known as chiralium developed in our planet, rain changed into time fall that swiftly ages everything it touches, and those BTs wander the globe in wet places, magnetically drawn towards life if disturbed. Ruffle enough of their feathers, and their attack on the living will ultimately bring more void out.

Naturally, this traps the remnants of civilization into isolated cities, necessitating the necessity for transporters: individuals brave enough to undertake the trek from one city to another to supply essentials. Porters are among the most valued individuals on our death-stranded planet. 

Revealing any other details would be a spoiler and we can’t do that. Apart from the incredible storyline, the game offers some incredible bosses and many adventures to explore and it’ll be interesting to see what new surprises the game brings in 2024. Are you excited about the game? Do tell us in the comment section below. And do check out our other articles to know more tips and tricks about other games. 

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