Buy Valorant Points With UPI ID – How to Fix That

There are problems blocking Valorant communities in India and the South Asian region from purchasing Valorant (VP) and Radianite (RP) Points. The fact that players cannot buy the items and cosmetics they want in-game has angered many fans toward the developers. Fans are heartbroken to have to deal with this problem when the new Oni 2.0 pack also arrives in Act 2 of Episode 6.

Riot Games offers an alternate payment option.

Soon after the problem Riot Games came forward with an alternative solution. Riot Games gave gamers in India and South Asia another way to pay as the UPI payment option is still not available in-game. “While we wait on the fix for payment systems, here is an alternative method of getting your VALORANT (VP) and Radianite (RP) points,” Riot Games tweeted on March 14. 

Users can add VP and RP to their accounts via the UniPin website, which is the source of this payment system. All you have to do is choose a payment method, add the desired amount to your Valorant wallet, and provide your email address (which is required). The channels that are available are as follows:

  • Wallets
  • UPI
  • Online Banking
  • Credit/Debit Card

To buy VP and RP in Valorant, go to 

In order to get more clarity and clear your doubt let’s take a look at some common questions asked by the Valorant community and answer some of the FAQs. Also if you want to know about the reason for the above-mentioned payment issue, you can jump to the last section of the article to know the reason thoroughly. But don’t forget to check the FAQs, cause it’ll definitely clear many doubts. 


How can I buy VP in India?

One of the most used and convenient ways to buy Valortant Points in India is via codashop. Codashop and Riot Games have partnered to provide simple, secure, and convenient VALORANT Points top-up.

Purchase VALORANT Points instantly! Simply input your Riot ID, choose how much VP you want to buy, finish the payment process, and the VP will be delivered right away to your VALORANT account.

Use UPI to conveniently pay.

How much is 1000 VP in India?

In India, 1000 Valorant Points can cost up to Rs 799.00. Below is the price list of all the other Valorant Points. 


CostVALORANT Points Bonus VPTotal
Credit Card
€5.49500 +0 500 
€11.991090 +60 1150 
€21.992000 +150 2150 
€43.994000 +400 4400 
€53.994910 +5905500 
€99.999090 +1410 10500 
₹449500 +0 500 
₹799950 +50 1000
₹15991900 +150 2050 
₹26993205+445 3650 
₹39994750 +600 5350 
₹79009380 +1620 11000 

If you want to check out prices in other countries then follow this link

How can I get a free VP in India?

Though in order to get Valorant Points you have to pay money. However, there are ways you can get some of the Valorant Points for free. If you just need a few Valorant points (50 or fewer) to buy a skin or a battle pass, you can send in graphics or share any personal fan design you’ve created to get the VP you need.

This applies to all Riot Games games you play, not only Valorant. It doesn’t matter how well the artwork is done; if you ask delicately enough, your wish will be granted. Please be aware that this only applies in specific circumstances, and requesting Valorant Points repeatedly will result in your request being denied.

To get free Valorant Points from Riot Games, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Valorant Support Page.
  • The options are General Game & Feedback and Purchase & In-Game Content.
  • Add a thoughtful remark or a scanned copy of your artwork.
  • Specify the item you wish to purchase from the shop along with the number of Valorant Points that you require. (Do not request more than 50 VP).
  • Wait for a response after submitting the request.

Other than this, there is no other way for obtaining Valorant Points, and any websites with questionable connections or codes are just not valid. On the other side, Amazon Prime/Prime Gaming will soon provide Radianite Points. Make sure not to fall for any website that claims to offer free Valorant Points, you may end up losing your account or other important data. 

How do I gift VP in India?

There are many online and physical retailers that sell Valorant gift cards, but you should be careful which ones you trust. You should never buy codes from any other source other than those on the official list of stores that Riot Games has collaborated with. Since Riot Games combined its League of Legends prepaid cards into “Riot Gift Cards” that can be used for League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, and Valorant, there are no longer any special Valorant gift cards available.

There are authorized vendors of Valorant Points, such as Codashop, who allow you to top off your account at the same cost as the in-game shop. But these authorized sellers operate in the US only. So in order to gift VP to a friend, you can use Codashop. How Codashop works? You can read it in the “How to buy VP in India” section. 

Is Codashop cheaper?

As already mentioned that Codashop teamed up with Valorant to make in-game VP purchases easier and more convenient. However, saying “cheap” doesn’t answer the question cause it varies from player to player. However, Codashop does give some services to the players in order to make their experience more easy and fast. Below are the services provided by Codashop.

Why choose a VALORANT top-up at Codashop?

  • Simple and quick
    Making a purchase on Codashop simply takes a few seconds.
  • Instant delivery
    The VP is immediately credited to your in-game account.
  • A convenient method of payment
    Use the most widely used payment techniques in India.
  • Excellent client service
    Every day of the week from 9:00 AM to 9:30 PM (GMT+5:30), our support staff is available to assist you. Use this form to contact them, and they’ll respond straight away!
  • Exciting promotions
    VALOROUS promotions, prizes, and more are always available exclusively at Codashop.

You can look out for giveaways on Codashop.

Who is the number 1 player of Valorant in India?

In the year 2022, With many foreign teams visiting the country, excellent stories that lived up to all the excitement, and its fair share of esports controversies, the Indian gaming community was graced with lots of top-tier Valorant action. All of the players are the best in their gameplay, in order to choose a single person would be a tough call. So let’s take a look at the top 5 Valorant players in India.

  1.  Rawfiul: Akram “Rawfiul,” a gifted player performed admirably in India Qualifiers 1. He was crucial to Enigma Gaming’s victory in this competition, combining Jett’s aggressive playstyle and his accurate shooting to open doors for his squad.
  2.  Paradox: Kasif “Paradox” has most recently joined Revenant Esports (RNT). This Valorant player, who once played for True Rippers, will now represent RNT in forthcoming competitions. He started playing esports in 2015. In order to maintain his position at the top of the esports scene, he wants to win the Valorant Champions and advance to the championship round.
  3.  Lightningfast: ‘Lightningfast’ Abhirup is a gamer from Silchar, Assam, who is 22 years old. He began playing CS 1.6 for pleasure in 2016 and then turned pro at CS: GO. In reaction to his success in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, he made the decision to seek a career in Riot’s tactical shooter. He is one of only two Indian players to have successfully navigated Riot franchising, and he predominantly plays the Duelist position for Global Esports in Valorant.
  4.  DEATHMAKER: A well-known Valorant gamer in India is Debanjan “DEATHMAKER,” also known as “DMKing.” He has previously represented numerous teams at the national level while playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. At the moment, DeathMaker represents Velocity Gaming as the team’s duelist.
  5.  SkRossi: When SkRossi got his first computer at the age of 16, his love for competitive gaming really took off. Dota 2, a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game, was his very first game. Later, he began playing Point Blank, a 2016 first-person shooter also known as Piercing Blow, which was made available in India. SkRossi joined the Wings professional squad after achieving early success. When SkRossi was just 18 years old, it won the Point Blank National Championship three times and was chosen to represent India at the Point Blank International Championship in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Who is your favorite player? Do mention them in the comment section below. We will be more than excited to know about them. 

Why did the UPI payment fail in Valorant India?

In 2021, Riot Games made it possible to purchase Valorant Points (VP) in-game using BHIM UPI. Indian gamers were initially dependent on Paytm to purchase virtual currency (VP), but the publisher made it simpler for them to only scan the QR code and pay using their UPI IDs. Many Valorant players, however, have been complaining on social media about a current issue with the payment mechanism that stops South Asian and Indian players from buying in-game content.

The BHIM UPI option enabled players to pay in Indian Rupees, but they could still choose to pay with credit cards or through PayPal (both of which required them to pay in Euros). On Twitter, Riot Games discussed the problem and acknowledged it.

A statement from Riot Games concerning the UPI payment method

The Valorant // India & South Asia Twitter account for Riot Games said on March 9 that they were aware of a problem with the UPI payment system that was preventing players from buying in-game items. You can submit a ticket at while we are working on it. We will provide support once we get your ticket.”

At first, the store included a UPI payment option, but when users clicked it then were redirected to Codashop for the transaction, the method of payment was not working. Soon an error message popped on the user’s screen and it said, “Sorry, we are unable to complete your purchase. The payment channel is under maintenance and will [be] back up soon. Need help? Visit our Help Center (error: 1301)”

But as of the present time, the client doesn’t appear to have the option anymore. Notably, the Paytm option vanished from the client in 2021, however, Riot Games later acknowledged that a glitch was to blame.

The PayTM payment option from India is not presently accessible due to a technical issue, according to a tweet from the Valorant // India & South Asia Twitter account on August 13, 2021. “We are working on the fix and apologize for the inconvenience.”

Another one of these technical issues may have caused the UPI option to vanish, but Riot Games is currently trying to fix it, so it may be fixed within a few business days.

However, at the moment of writing this article, Codashop currently says, “UPI is unavailable on Codashop. Rest assured, we are working on bringing UPI back to Codashop.”

So the wait for the community doesn’t end here, however, we may see an announcement from Riot Games, regarding the UPI payment failure. Hopefully, we get a piece of positive news. Till then drop your views on this in the comment section below and don’t forget to check out other articles to get tips, tricks, and insights about other games. I have to go and give my friend some healing, he is continuously asking for it.

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