15+ Best Minecraft Mod packs (Ultimate List)

Minecraft is a game that has millions of fans all over the world. It’s a sandbox game where you can build anything you can think of. But what if you could mix and match different mods to make Minecraft even more fun? This is what mod packs for Minecraft are all about. There are a lot of them, and each one gives you a different way to play the game. Check out some of the best mod packs if you want to do something different in Minecraft.

Block Swapper

block swapper
Block Swapper Minecraft Mod packs

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The Block Swapper is a new tool and it has two different tiers, and it is made from Copper or Diamond.

When holding a Block Swapper, you can use it to replace Blocks with what you’re holding in your off-hand slot, so it’s going to save a lot of time when it comes to redecorating.

The Diamond Block Swapper can be enchanted with the likes of Mending and Unbreaking.

Diamond Block Swapper

But there’s also a new Enchantment called Excavating, which will turn blocks to air instead, so it will instantly destroy blocks.

copper block swapper
Block Swapper Minecraft Mod packs

The Copper Block Swapper can replace items that can be broken with Stone Tools, and the Diamond one with Diamond Tools.

Combat Roll

combat roll

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A simple mod that you might like is Combat Roll. By pressing the R key, your character will
roll quickly, which might get you out of dangerous situations.

It has a 4-second cooldown, and it’s highly configurable, so you can change the cooldown, number of rolls, and distance.

Though some Enchantments like Multi-Roll, Acrobat, and Longfooted are included to make these changes in-game.

Better Tridents

The first change that comes with Better Tridents is that Tridents now have a Crafting Recipe.

Better tridents
Best Minecraft Mod packs

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They require 2 Prismarine Shards and 3 Trident Fragments which can be obtained from Elder Guardians. They can be repaired in an Anvil using Prismarine Shards too.

When throwing the Trident, they’ll now always return to the slot they were thrown from. Some changes are also brought to the Loyalty Enchantment so that if your Trident is lost to the void, it will always return to you.

And when killing creatures, their loot will be brought to you alongside the Trident, which is a really nice feature.

The Missing Villages

I recently mentioned Missing Villages as a Datapack, but it’s also available as a mod.

missing villages

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It adds new Villages into the likes of Jungles, Bamboo Jungles, Swamps, and Mangrove Swamps, which come in different sizes. They look a lot different from regular Villages, and I love how they wrap around trees.

Though they do still feel like they fit into the Vanilla game nicely, and might be a good option as a Vanilla plus-styled mod. There are no new items or blocks included with the mod either.

Spiky Spikes

spiky spikes
Best Minecraft Mod packs

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This mod adds some spikes, of which there are different tiers, and they each have their own features.

Wood Spikes will damage mobs, but won’t kill them, as it leaves them on one health instead. Stone Spikes will kill entities, but there’ll be no drops at all. Using Iron Spikes will allow loot to drop, but no experience.

Gold Spikes are the opposite, you’ll only get experience with no loot. Diamond Spikes drop both, and can even be given Enchantments that usually work on a Sword, like Fire Aspect.

Finally, there are Netherite Spikes, which are like Diamond ones, except they’re also blast-resistant, even to the Wither.

Armor Statues

Armor Statues will bring some massively needed improvements to Armor Stands. To start using the mod, sneak and right-click an Armor Stand to open the management window.

armor statue settings

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Here, you’ll find tons of different options for customizing your Armor Stand. You can choose to show the arms of an Armor Stand, hide the base plate and remove gravity so it can float freely.

Though one of the most useful features is being able to manually pose your stands, with each limb configurable, and you can copy and paste your presets.

If you don’t want to mess around with that, then there are a bunch of poses available that you can quickly select. And there are quite a few other options available.

Straw Statues

straw statue

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A slight change to this mod comes with Straw Statues. You can craft the Straw Statue from 1 Hay Bale and 6 Sticks. Under the Style tab, you can assign a name to the Straw Statue, which will make it turn into a player instead.

And it offers similar features to Armor Statues, with you being able to equip armor, assign poses and turn off gravity, so it’s just a nice alternative to using Armor Stands.

Easy Anvils

easy envil 1

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You can improve on Anvils with Easy Anvils. Firstly, they now have an inventory, so your
items will remain inside even if you close the window.

And those items will also be rendered on top of the Anvil. Anvils can now be repaired in one stage using Iron Blacks and this process can be automated using a Dispenser.

Changes are even brought to Name Tags, so that you can rename them without using an Anvil, just sneak and right-click instead.

Bartering Station

The Bartering Station is going to help out when it comes to trading with Piglins.

Bartering Station

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To craft it, you’ll only require 4 Planks and 2 Gold Ingots. Gold can be placed inside the Bartering Station, and it will be distributed to nearby Piglins for trading every 15 seconds.

When a Piglin is done trading, the items they give will be placed in the output slots of the station.

Intelligence Quarry

Intelligence Quarry
Best Minecraft Mod packs

Intelligence Quarry adds a Quarry into Minecraft, which will dig out blocks.

Intelligence Quarry 1

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It required Diamond Tools, Redstone items, a Furnace, and a Hopper in its crafting recipe. You’ll also want to craft an Area Card, which requires more Redstone items in its recipe.

This mod seems incompatible with Shaders, so you might want to turn them off to use it. Use the Area Card to select two points, where all blocks will be mined between them.

Then place this inside the Quarry, add some fuel and watch as it gets to work. Items will be placed in the Output slots, but they can also be ejected using a Hopper.

Horse Expert


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Horse Expert allows you to see lots of useful information about the likes of Horses and Llamas, but first, you’ll need a Monocle. They require 4 Gold Nuggets and a Glass Pane.

When hovering over a tamed steed, you can see important stats like their health, speed, and jump height.

Although this can be configured to show on non-tamed creatures too.

Horse Expert 1
Best Minecraft Mod packs

Shiny Horses

shinny horse

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Another mod themed around Horses is Shiny Horses. Now you can take your Horse Armor into an
Anvil, and add Enchantments that you can apply to your own Armor.

One of the most useful ones in my opinion is Frost Walker, so you can easily travel over water.



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Portkey is a simple teleportation mod that’s inspired by Harry Potter. You’ll need to craft an Old Boot from 4 Leather and 1 String. Then take it into an Enchanting Table, and apply the Portkey Enchantment to it.

portkey 1
Best Minecraft Mod packs

You can right-click the ground while holding the Portkey to set a teleport destination. Then right click somewhere else to place it down. Then you can simply right-click the Portkey again to teleport to your set destination.

And the Portkey will travel with you, so you can repeatedly travel back and forth.

Portable Hole

portable hole

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The Portable Hole is a very interesting item, and you might find it inside a Stronghold. When you use it, a 3 by 3 area will vanish, allowing you to pass through.

After a few seconds, the area will be filled in again exactly how it was. There are lots of places this item might be useful, like being able to quickly travel underground, or through the terrain.

Just make sure you manage to make it out in time, or you’ll suffocate.

Monster Plus

monester plus
Best Minecraft Mod packs

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A few new mods are included with Monster Plus, which can be found in both the Overworld and the Nether.

These include the Glow Skeleton, Lava Squid, Abyss Walker, Spectral Minion, Swamp Monster, and Overgrown Skeleton, but there are 10 in total.

Lots of these creatures have their own behaviors and attack styles, with most of them being found underground.

Some even drop Ancient Crystal Shards, which can be used to create new armor and tools.

Asian Decoration

asian decoration
Best Minecraft Mod packs

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This Asian Decoration mod aims to add lots of new decoration blocks into Minecraft, which are themed around Asia.

There are lots included, like 4 different roof types, which come in 17 different colors. And they all connect together nicely.

But you can also find Paper Lanterns, Fences, Gates, Pagodas, and Mud Bricks which can really complement your builds.

Nether Depths Upgrade

Nether Depths Upgrade
Best Minecraft Mod packs

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Nether Depths Upgrade brings some additions to the Nether, including some new fish that can be found in the Lava Oceans.

There are Lava Pufferfish, Obsidian Fish, Bone Fish, Blaze Fish, and more which can all be captured in Buckets.

Seeing under Lava will be a lot easier if you brew a Potion of Lava Vision. Using the newly added Lava Fishing Rod, you can catch some of them too.

If you come across Lava Sponges, you can use these to soak up Lava. And if you wear Soul Sucker Boots, you can walk fast on Soul Sand.

How to Install Minecraft Mods

Mc mods are free and can be found on many different websites.

You must first go to a website Minecraft Forge and download the version of Forge that you are using or plan to use.

  • If you want, you can download every version of Forge.
  • Set up Forge the normal way.
  • Find a mod online that works with your version of Forge, such as 1.7.2.
  • Press the Windows button to bring up Windows Search.
  • Type in%appdata%
  • You should be in the folder called “Roaming.” Just go to the Minecraft folder and make a new folder called “mods.” nothing or nothing at all
  • Move the mod file into the mods folder (should be Java file)
  • Launch a version of Forge that can be used to play Minecraft, like Forge 1.7.2 or something.
  • Must work!
  • (YouTube videos probably explain it better than I can)
  • Have fun!

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