Best Discord Music Bots that still work 2023

Discord Music Bots that still work- Well, numerous music bots claim to provide good services. Most of them are average, and even some of them are outdated. With the popularity of discord, the number of music bots is also increasing. Therefore, finding the actual bots that work takes a lot of work. 

We compiled a list of bots to protect you from fake and inconsistent bots. All the bots are reliable and have been working for years. Without wasting time, go through the bots and find out which perfectly matches your expectations. Here are 10 Discord Music Bots that work still


Uzox music bot has multiple features, such as lyrics pointing. There is a premium feature that requires you to pay. 

Discord Music Bots that still work

The bot offers all the playback support systems such as Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Twitch live streams, and more. 

Additionally, Uxo specialties are various music effects and various music filters. Most of the features are free. In short, Enzo is the best option if you are looking for premium features for free. Several advanced features are available for free. Must try! 


Hydra is another popular free music discord with various unique features. One of the key features of the Hydra bot is that it lets the community make collaborative playlists. Members have access to the queue. To add or eliminate any song, all voters must vote. All the community members listen to the music listed in the playlist. 

how do you use hydra bot on discord
Discord Music Bots that still work

Although, most of the features are free except for a few. To unlock all features, you need to purchase premium. It’s a goldmine that allows you to play songs 24/7 with an unlocked playlist, saved playlist, and much more. It would help if you tried both for good playlists. 



Chip bot is one of the unique bots with features to pause, skip, resume, stop, or even check the playlist. You can control what type of music you will listen to and even avoid listening to songs you don’t like. 

Along with these features, you can control and manage sound quality, such as sound effects, autoplay options, volume effects, and 24/7 music service. Chip Bot supports all the major music channels, such as YouTube and Spotify. Chip is the best bot that lets you enjoy music at your own pace. You should try to get exposed to new music while at the same time controlling the music. 

BMO discord

BMO has an excellent music bot with multiple premium features. Discord has features to search, play, and add songs in the queue. This discord is known for its high-quality music. 

BMO is not only limited to music, but you will also find multiple bots such as image manipulations, games, memes, Utilities, and more 360+ commands. You will have access to all these features as well. Coming to music bot, it’s an amazing bot with multiple functions and good music quality. It would help if you tried the bot.  


The aide bot is known for its customization options. This means you can add commands to the playlist. The bot has multiple features, one of them is bots let you prepare playlists from other platforms too. Consider Twitch and Spotify. 

The aide is specifically for those who use Spotify. Servers support features to search, play, and stream. This makes things easier for Spotify users. You can directly export the playlist from the app. Along with Spotify, Aiode also supports Youtube and Soundcloud. You should check out all the bots. It’s easy to use and reliable. 


Pro bot

ProBot has amazing music features. You can stream and listen to music through the robot. Bot also provides multiple commands to control and play music. You will find numerous features such as play, skip, resume, restart, and replay options. The bot has new features that let you create custom-level systems. 

Along with these, the pro-bot is not a music bot; it provides a wide range of services. Some of them are customizing images, avatars, and backgrounds. To start a music bot, you must search for the music option in the pro-bot dashboard. Overall, it’s an amazing bot with features to play quality music. 


mee6 bot
Discord Music Bots that still work

MEE6 is another bot with new features and controls. The bot is known for its simplicity; you don’t need any complicated commands to play music. It’s a simple drag-and-drop arrangement. It’s a simple bot with amazing features. 

Some special features are song seeking, members voting for their favorite songs, and 24/7 music availability. Parts are almost similar to the other bots, but the easy-to-use feature makes the bot stand out from competitors. You must try if you are looking for some better options. You must try MEE6 if you are looking for a simple dashboard. 

Jokie Music

jockie music

Jokie Music is one of the most popular music bots. This bot has various features such as audio effects, controlling music, and music effects. Bor supports 24/7 access to the channels and lets you play music. 

Other platforms supported by the jockey server include Spotify, Music Apple, Youtube, Deezer, Tidal, and SoundCloud. There are so many features that will intimidate you. Therefore, first of all, you have to try and test all of them. 


Fretboard bot

Like most bots, this also provides free music, a playlist, and the option to customize the playlist. The most intriguing feature of Fredboat is customizing the playlist. This also supports platforms like Youtube, Soundcloud, and direct links to Bandcamp and Twitch. 

The free boat has a unique feature for searching for songs. Instead of copy-and-pasting links, you can directly search for music through the server. Isn’t this the most amazing server? Only a few of the servers have this feature. 


Zandecraft bot is specifically known for playing XHD music. If you want to know what XDH is, it’s a music quality. For people obsessed with listening to high-quality music, it’s the best music discord. Additionally, features are available to play a song, restart, edit playlists, and search songs.  Along with music features, Zabdecraft is also known for productivity, GIFs, and fun features. The music bot is amazing, and you can try the other bots. 

Use any of these music Discord servers. And don’t forget to share the blog with friends and family. 

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