10 Best Adult Android Games That You Can Play

10 Best Android Adult Games – the gaming industry has been seeing the highest growth for the last five years as compared to any other industry. The Crypto industry was their direct competitor, which is not in good shape for the last few months.

The major reason behind the rapid growth of the gaming industry is its horizon. Nowadays, the games are not just limited to shooting or racing, As it has moved to several niches, including adult ones. If you are also a fan of adult games, then you are at the right place, as we are going to talk about the 10 best Android adult games.

Summertime saga

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Summertime saga is probably the most popular Android adult game Available on the Internet. It is a unique game that is set in a small suburban town. In the game, a young man who is just finishing up high school experiences the death of his father.

Later in the game, the character learns that his family is in debt to a group of shady criminals, And he will have to do several things in order to pay the debt to his family. The game is going to include a Visual novel story progression along with three main plot quests to complete. It’s a full-fledged game with 50-plus locations to visit.

Blossom of pleasure

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Blossom of pleasure is a unique game that is a complete fantasy game where men are of the oppressed gender. No other game is currently focusing on this genre where female characters are in lead roles.

In that game, men are nothing without their mistresses. They don’t even have any free will or power to make their own decisions. It’s a complete submission fantasy game that focuses on female domination. If you are into feminism, then we highly suggest you take a look at the blossom of pleasure.

The survival of Sarah rose.

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The next best Android adult game is the survival of Sarah rose. It is among the few games that are also available on other platforms, including Windows and Mac. The survival of Sara rose is an epic fantasy game with erotic visuals.

Players are going to play the role of Sarah, who is in deep trouble in a world where danger is everywhere. It will be the duty of the player to keep Sarah safe in the world and follow the story path.


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Glamour is one of the few adult games that allow the players to select the main character of their choice. The game is set in a small town at the age of 18 when the time is to go to college. The story starts when the main character moves into the big city.

Players will experience the life of College in a big city where new opportunities will arrive each night. The game is set on one of the unique stories which focus on both male and female protagonists.

Lust Academy season 2

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The second season of lust Academy is going to attract all the people who are looking for the best Android adult games. Lust Academy season 2 is available on multiple platforms, including Android, where the players will have to play the role over 18 years old.

It is one of the few games that are going to mix the adult nation with some magic and wizardry world. Both of these things are one of the hottest fantasies, and we highly recommend everyone to go with Lust Academy season two.

Luke’s Way

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Luke’s way Is another popular Android adult game. It is a typical male protagonist game that is going to focus on the life of Luke, who has recently moved into a new city to search for better job opportunities. The game is going to focus on every fantasy of men, including massive orgies.

The game is totally based on male fantasies. The lead of the game is going to have intercourse with his boss, which will help him get a better role at the company, along with the free pass to have fun with other girls. We highly recommend it for all meals with similar fantasies.

Pandora box

Not all Android adult games in our list are going to focus on single male or female protagonists. Games like Pandora box are also very popular, which focus on the life of a young couple who just got their own place.

The game is based on money, relationships, corruption, and the life of a lustful girlfriend and a naïve boyfriend in a new house. It’s a unique game that is going to allow the players to look into the game through the eyes of both male and female characters. If you are also looking to spice your relationship, we highly recommend you play Pandora’s box.

The secret of the house


The next entry in our list of best Android adult games is the secret of the house. It is among the longest adult adventure games available on the Internet. The game is going to focus on the male hero named Fred, who has lost his parents. In the story, he will further land in the House of a close friend of his father.

In the House of a close friend of his father, Fred will meet his wife named Deborah. Friend and Deborah will come close in the game, and the whole story is based on their relationship. She is not in a good mental state as she hates everyone in the world. It’s a real fantasy of all young adults.

The last man on the earth

As its name suggests, the last man on the earth will focus on the life of a male protagonist named Keppel. He was in love with some girl from his village who rejected his love. After getting frustrated, our protagonist in the game will wish to be the last guy on the earth.

In the game, our male protagonist is going to be the only girl in the world, and women are going to get crazy over him. The whole world will become more dangerous for him as he is the only male. Your job in the game will be to save him and find his faith in the world.

Bad hero

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The last entry on our list is going to be the bad hero. The game is available for multiple platforms, including Android. All the players are going to play the role of the male protagonist named Frank, who was in prison for more than 18 years. You will have two choices in the game.

First of all, the game will allow you to move away from the city, which is full of local drug dealers and gangs. The second choice you are going to get is to live in the city and enjoy it. Don’t worry. You are going to enjoy the adult fun in the game as it is one of the best games in the adult niche.

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