Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Development Video Gameplay Leaked On YouTube

The Battlefield franchise needs no introduction, as Battlefield 2042 is currently one of the most enjoyable multiplayer games you can play. With all guns blazing and fast-paced action, it is very straightforward to get addicted to the gameplay. With a good amount of daily active players, the company is constantly adding new classes, weapons, gadgets, vehicles, and many more elements to the game. 

With season 3 which has just come around is currently busy keeping and growing the audience base hooked to their computer screen. But now headlines related to the Season 4 of Battlefield 2042 is surfacing through the internet. The headline consists of the new official features added to the game, a new map, a new class and specialist, and many more. But, here is a twist, every game development company gives away a beta version to famous streamers and content creators to test the game. As they do it, they make the content creator sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, under which they cannot speak about the new elements of the game. Safe right?

Unlucky for the Dice incorporate, some content creators broke the NDA and leaked the development video of the upcoming season of Battlefield 2042, and revealed the upcoming add-ons to the game. And it is such a big hype because the company will bring a lot of new elements to the game that you’ll read further and it is more than enough to excite you to the core. 

Battlefield 2042 Season 4 will arrive in early 2023, according to DICE. In light of this, the start of the new season is probably scheduled for the first quarter of 2023. DICE has also confirmed that they would actually begin work on the game’s Season 5.

So now let’s come to the point you are eagerly waiting for. The new features and elements added in the upcoming new season.

The new map called “The Flashpoint”

Let’s start off with the new map called the Flashpoint. The map is located in the middle of a desert that has been inspired by Richtersveld in South Africa and includes a Solar Substation, Reactor Maintenance, Construction Tunnel, and Mineral Extraction. In the leaked video we can see different locations in depth and the place of action. In the video, it is clearly evident that the map is fully packed with places of combat, whether it is high-ground combat, vehicle encounters, low-ground or close encounter. The map has everything packed in it. The rocky landscape will give a very soothing environment experience to the players.

Below are the key locations on the Flashpoint map:

  • Flag A1 is a vehicle-friendly combat zone that is short to medium in length.
  • Flag B1 is a multi-tiered short- to medium-range close-quarters combat zone.
  • Flag C1 is a multi-tiered close-quarters combat area with open air, making it an excellent map for sharpshooters.
  • Flag D1 is a closed facility with a vehicle elevator, which creates intriguing scenarios for both area attack and defense.
  • Flag E1 is for infantry, as you fight for space control in a turbine room and side tower, with the building in danger of collapsing.
  • Flag F1 is built for team deathmatch battles, with a Central Reactor Core to contend with.
  • Flag G1 is primarily a ground-level map, which makes it ideal for vehicle and sniper play. The rows of solar panels and the surrounding buildings make it a potential close-quarters battleground.

A new specialist is added to the Recon group

That was all about the map, now let’s jump to the next big story. The new update will introduce a new specialist, Recon Specialist Camila Blasco. In the video, she is described as an expert at ambushes. She uses her recon skills and specialized tactical gear to move around without being seen by motion-based technology. She uses a signal jammer as her X6 infiltration device. This stops all lock-ons, makes it hard for people to talk to each other and finds enemy technology. Blasco is the final specialist in the Recon class, as we have already discussed. In the future, class-based experts will be back in the game. At present, there are 14 specialists in total. 

New weapons will be added to the inventory

We are not done yet, the story has just begun. Now it’s time to look at the weapons that will cause mass destruction on the map. Oh, I love this part. So the new update will introduce some new weapons. 

  • A compact stockless pump action shotgun called the Super 500 is designed for breaching and close-quarters combat. Its short range makes it a perfect sidearm.
  • RM68 assault rifle fueled by 6.8 mm plastic case ammo with built-in silencer and counterweight for enhanced stability.
  • Extremely lightweight SMG configured for rapid hip fire exchanges, the AC9SMG.
  • With a slow rate of fire, heavy-hitting bullets, and quick bullet speed, the RPT-31 LMG is a prototype LMW.

The next weapon is one of my favorites, the SPH Explosive Launcher. You can get an idea by just reading the name. This sticky explosives launcher has a casing that contains two projectiles. After a short delay, the projectile will explode after being fired and attached. Get your aim, shoot it at the opponent and all you have to do is look into their eyes are wave them goodbye, this gun is SAVAGE!!!

A vehicle you don’t want your enemies to get a hand on

Moving on to our next segment which is the new vehicle coming in the next update. The vehicle is called the CAV-Brawler. Players who desire to sneak into enemy territory can be protected to the fullest by the CAV-Brawler, an IFV-style vehicle. The CAV-Brawler has some below features; 

  •  Anti-infantry
  •  Open seats
  • Team spawner even when full
  •  Detection Pulse: spot players
  •  Threat Detection: highlight when being attacked
  •  Close Defense System: throw grenades out in all directions
  •  APS

A perfect vehicle for the map and can be very effective in close counter combat. Hopefully, it goes on to the hands of a good driver otherwise it is no new what happens if sent in the wrong hand. 

I am very excited for the new update to come and get my hands on the new elements of the game, especially the SPH Explosive launcher. Do tell us your thoughts about the leaks and what made you excited about the new update in the comment section below. Battlefield 2042 is now available for purchase on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. 

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