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Right now, if there’s one person we can’t get enough of, it’s Ice Spice. The American rapper’s newest hit, “Boy’s a Liar pt2,” a duet with Pink Pantheress, was released last week and has already gone viral.

There’s a good chance that you’ve had Ice Spice before and just don’t remember it. The line “How can I lose if I’m already chose” from her 2018 hit “Bikini Bottom” propelled her to TikTok fame, or perhaps you remember her from her first 2021 viral burst when she took on the “Buss It” challenge popularised by Erica Banks.

Ice Spice has been performing since 2021, has been a Halloween costume for Lil Nas X, and has been featured in an Ivy Park x Adidas ad campaign. When she introduced herself to Elle as “beautiful, confident, and smart,” we knew we’d like her.

Who is Ice Spice?

First and foremost Ice Spice is a 23-year-old New York City rapper from The Bronx. She is the oldest of five siblings, and her father is a rapper, although she only recently began listening to his music. She became interested in hip hop when she was seven years old, listening to Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj.

What is the origin of the term Ice Spice?

Ice Spice claimed in an interview with Elle that her rapper moniker stems from when she was 14 years old and was playing around with name ideas on her finsta. She stated: “Ice Spice was chosen because it actually rhymes. I was 14 when I was coming up with a finsta name, and I was thinking, ‘what rhymes with ice? Spice.’ I also enjoy spicy foods. I smother everything in spicy sauce.” Obsessed.

What music has Ice Spice released?

Ice Spice launched her first single, ‘Bully Freestyle,’ in 2021, and hasn’t stopped releasing new music since. Among her most noteworthy songs in the previous two years have been ‘Princess Diana’ and ‘Bikini Bottom,’ and she has over 7 million monthly Spotify listeners.

She released her EP Like..? at the beginning of the year, which had six tracks, and she most recently teamed with PinkPantheress on ‘Boy’s a Liar pt2’.

Ice Spice Instagram and Tiktok Username

  • Ice Spice has over 3 million Instagram followers @icespice.
  • She is also on Tiktok with the username @icespicee.

What is Ice Spice’s current relationship status?

We don’t know if Ice Spice is in a relationship right now, but we do know who her perfect date would be. In an interview with Interview magazine, Ice, Erykah Badu, and her daughter Puma Curry disclosed that she prefers a low-key date.

“I’m a homebody,” she explained. I don’t enjoy being out in public doing such things, especially now. My ideal date would be to relax at home by ourselves. We’re simply sitting around smoking, eating, and watching movies. That way, you get to know someone better.”

When Ice Spice isn’t working, what does she do?

Although Ice Spice may constantly appear to be on the go, it doesn’t imply the good times have to end. She played volleyball competitively in high school and last year tweeted, “aah I miss playing volleyball.” In contrast, Ice Spice recently revealed to NME that pole dancing is a major stress reliever for her.

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