Addison Rae Shows Off Her Toned Booty And Strong Legs In A Retro, Red Swimsuit In Italian Vacation on Instagram


During her trip to Italy, Addison Rae is experiencing what would be my dream vacation in real life. Addison was recently seen in a new Instagram post showing her epic booty and mega-sculpted legs while strolling along the beautiful coast while wearing a vintage one-piece swimsuit.

Addison captioned the photo dump with the phrase “Think of me,” and you shouldn’t worry, Addison, because I already can’t get these pictures out of my head.

And it appears that Addison’s followers are unable to do so as well. One of the audience members commented, “Not going to lie, this is a slay.” Someone else responded with “thinking.” One supporter pointed out the obvious by stating, “RED IS UR COLOR,” while another fan shared their enthusiasm by saying, “THATS AMOREEEEEE.”

As she strolled along the picturesque beaches, the young actress, who is 21 years old, did not appear to be at all self-conscious about putting her perky booty on full display. Another perspective is as follows:

Addison’s workouts are fun and, judging by her Instagram posts, do a great job of shaping her body. Let me explain it to you.

Addison loves dancing, which is clear. She said on her podcast, That Was Fun?, “I’ve always been a dancer.” Addison and Shari were there. “I’ve been dancing since I was six or seven, and I grew up dancing competitively and putting most of my attention on that.” No wonder she became famous because of how well she danced on TikTok.

The star has also been seen leaving Pilates and yoga classes in Los Angeles more than once this summer. Both of these exercises are low-impact, and good for toning your core, and improving your balance.

In 2020, for POOSH, Addison told Kourtney Kardashian her favorite way to work out her rear end. There are fire hydrants, donkey kicks, and extensions of fire hydrants in the six-minute video. Addison said in the video, “I’ve done this butt work out so many times.” “It burns so badly, but it tastes so good.” Well, it’s working for sure!

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