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NuovoDoc ODMA-Contribution Licensing

To encourage broad use in the spirit of the original ODMA effort, NuovoDoc contributions to ODMA are under open-source license. 

It is NuovoDoc policy that contributions be freely usable for any purpose with little risk of inadvertent copyright infringement.

Compliance with NuovoDoc-provided licenses simply requires acknowledgment of the original work using a statement of attribution.

1. Creative Commons Licensing

1.1 Contributions of on-line and downloadable documents are published under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

1.2 The Creative Commons license terms, familiar symbols, and widespread use makes this license easy to recognize.  The license notice is attractive and easy to affix to covered works.

1.3 Examples are found on the TROST: Open Systems Trustworthiness site and on the Creative Commons site itself.


2. BSD Template License for Software and Source Code

2.1 The BSD template license is used for all open-source software contributed by NuovoDoc.

2.2 The Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) template, approved by the Open Source Institute, can be used for any original works of software (Rosen, pp. 73-85).  This simple license is compatible with other licenses (including the GNU General Public License version 2) that do not require explicit transfer of contributions. 

2.3 The full license statement is the form in which notice and attribution must be given.  It is somewhat awkward to affix the notice to covered works and their derivative works.

2.4 An example of BSD template usage is ODMA License 1.0.  One of the largest open-source compilations based on the license is the OpenBSD operating system.


Bricklin, Daniel SDan Bricklin's Video — A Developer's Introduction to Copyright and Open Source: Why a Lawyer is a Developer's Friend.  DVD Video Disc.  Software Garden, Inc. (Newton Highlands, MA: 2005).

Rosen, LawrenceOpen Source Licensing: Software Freedom and Intellectual Property Law.  Prentice-Hall PTR (Upper Saddle River, NJ: 2005).  ISBN 0-13-148787-6 pbk.


3. Dual Licensing with the Academic Free License

3.1 Academic Free License 2.1 (AFL) is offered as an alternative (dual) license on the open-source software contributed by NuovoDoc whenever the prerequisites for the AFL are satisfied.  Licensees can then choose the license that best meets their intended use on a case-by-case basis.

3.2 The AFL is more rigorous and comprehensive than the BSD template: it is applicable to all works of authorship and is sub-licensable; it grants a royalty-free license to any patents of the licensor that are embodied in the work; it provides a warranty of provenance assertion that the licensor has the right to license the complete work (Rosen, pp. 179-227).  The AFL involves technicalities that a licensor might be unable to assert.  There is also some question whether the AFL is compatible with as many different licenses as the BSD license.

3.3 The AFL license notice is brief and as easy to affix to covered works as the Creative Commons Attribution notice. 

3.4 This form of dual licensing is used for the Dojo Toolkit.

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4. Licenses of Others

4.1 When NuovoDoc-contributed software contains or is derived from the licensed works of others, there will be accompanying attribution of those works and compliance with their licenses.  The conditions on those licenses must be taken into account when using the NuovoDoc-contributed source code, especially when making a derivative work. 

4.2 Examples of attributions for the licenses of others are found in the "About ..." menus of web browsers and many other software products.  The Microsoft Windows edition of 2.0 includes a 34-item THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME that includes attributions to 26 BSD-compatible contributions and a license for Microsoft .NET Framework redistributables.

5. The Commitment

5.1 The Open Document Management API (ODMA) specifications and software were developed in a community effort of document-management and office-productivity software vendors.  Under the auspices of AIIM International's Standards Program, the ODMA Coalition made ODMA free for all to adopt and use in proprietary and non-proprietary managed-document applications. 

5.2 When the ODMA Coalition disbanded in 2000, the preservation and maintenance of all materials was entrusted to the DMware Interoperability Exchange for continuing availability under an open-source license.  It is a commitment of that trust to preserve availability for closed-source and commercial adaptation by the original contributors and others.  This agreement is enacted in ODMA License 1.0, a BSD template license.

5.3 NuovoDoc contributions are in the same community spirit.  Derivative works of any kind are permitted.  Derivative works need not be distributed under the same license, nor as open-source works.  An user of the work is not at risk of copyright infringement so long as conditions of the license are satisfied.

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