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    ODMA Development Framework

The ODMdev framework is an organized collection of software kits for progressive construction, testing, packaging, integration, and confirmation of ODMA-compliant components.  ODMref1.0,  ODMrun1.0, and other NuovoDoc components for ODMA are developed under the ODMdev framework.



System Requirements

  • Step-by-Step Development
    Follow the tutorial-style experiments and discover how to build your own fully-tested components for ODMA integration.
  • Re-Usable Practices
    Adapt the methodology to other projects requiring highly-dependable but light-weight software components.
  • Superior ODMA 1.0 Conformance
    Apply the framework's design checklists and demonstration of ODMA interfaces to achieve dependable solutions of your own.
  • Open-Source Licensing of all Software and Documentation
    Distribute, use, and modify all ODMdev materials for your own projects under a simple, easy-to-honor attribution-required license. [more ...]
  • Computer
    Microsoft® Windows®-based personal computer suitable for software development and documentation projects
  • Operating System
    Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional SP2 or Vista
  • Office Software for Testing
    ODMA-aware desktop applications such as Microsoft® Office Word 2003 and Office System Word 2007
  • Document Management Systems
    ODMA32-integrated DMS (such as ODMref1.0) for testing
  • Hard Disk
    20 MB additional space for ODMdev files, compilations, and test runs
  • Developer Resources
    Microsoft® Visual C++® 2005 Express Edition, Microsoft Platform SDK, and other freely-available tools including Java

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Release Approach

  • 2007 July 30: ODMJNI Java-ODMA Integration Kit in Public Beta Preview kicks-off early-trial ODMdev elements

  • Summer 2007 - Spring 2008: Incremental updates as new fixtures and components introduce expansions to the framework

  • Announcements and Project Tracking: Regular progress is reported on the ODMdev section of the ODMA Interoperability Exchange site.


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