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Who Are You?
  • NuovoDoc is the system architecture and design consultancy of Dennis Hamilton.  
  • I am an independent software developer, a scholar, a writer, and a teacher.
What Do You Do?
  • I provide free-lance consultation, workshops and seminars.
  • I write and publish articles, web sites, and software tools.
Where Are You Located?

My home base is Seattle, Washington, USA.  I operate and travel internationally.

How Do You Operate?
  • I maintain a cyber-office on the web.  This is it.
  • I, and my professional associates, conduct collaborative projects on the Internet.
  • I develop and publish documented and demonstrably-tested software on the web and via CD-ROM.
What Are You Passionate About?
  • Articulating system concepts, requirements and risks that matter to users;
  • Establishing demonstrably -trustworthy and -dependable systems;
  • Interactive software that fosters and sustains collaboration and coordinated effort;
  • Information systems that work as expected and make sense to their clientele
Why Should I Hire You?
  • I have a broad perspective and experience in all aspects of software system development.
  • I'm skilled at identifying and articulating what's important.
  • I notice when a project is unnecessary or not set up to succeed.  
  • I deliver early, often, and will stop or correct course whenever needed.
  • I'm level-headed, eager, and fun to work with.
What Are You Working on Now?
  • nfoWare, An eBook and CD-ROM software series for mastery of the desktop PC as a personal and team information appliance;
  • Practices and methods for assessing and improving the safe, coherent behavior of distributed computing systems;
  • An M.Sc in Information Technology

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