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This is a provisional sketch of the general privacy policies of the NuovoDoc professional practice and the operation of the nfoCentrale web sites.   This sketch will be revised to provide specifics as they are established: how these policies are made actionable, specific import of the statements, what you can count on, how that will be demonstrated and confirmable, and how deviations will be remedied. 

1. NuovoDoc Privacy Practices
2. Visitors Are Respected Guests
3. Statistics Are Captured
4. Deviation - Hosting Service Security
5. Deviation - Blogger-Intermediated Pages
6. Deviation - Blogger-Intermediated Atom Feeds
7. Deviation - HTTP Transport

Please Note: There currently are deviations from these policies about which assurances cannot be made.  These are identified in the deviations sections below.  Also,
   - This is a privacy policy.  Policies with regard to intellectual property, especially copyright, patentable invention, and contracted work products are not considered.  These other policies will be covered by separate statements.
   - This is a provisional draft.  This initial statement is presented to elicit early review and comment.  There may be inaccuracies and oversights here.  The intention for the privacy policy will not change.

1. NuovoDoc Privacy Practices
2. Visitors Are Respected Guests [Please note the deviations, below.]
  • Visitors, clients, associates, and colleagues are sovereign, honored guests.
  • Web pages served to guests are designed to be non-intrusive and passive.
  • Guests will not have their equipment and resources employed in any ways that is not fully disclosed and explicitly agreed as part of arrangements for access; purely-static access will always be good enough.
  • Guests will have their privacy and confidentiality honored and preserved.
  • Personal and private information is not retained except for pre-arranged, clearly-limited, revocable-at-any-time purposes.
  • Personal and private information that becomes known as part of guest activities will not be divulged to others.
3. Statistics Are Captured
  • Statistics are captured about every access to nfoCentrale sites and services.  They are retained indefinitely.  The statistical elements and their normal use are fully disclosed.
  • Access details are used solely for troubleshooting and maintaining the performance and usability of the site.
  • Individual behavior is not aggregated or correlated in any way usable in surveillance or in profiling of individual guests.
  • Statistics will be used in forensic analysis when identifying exploits against security of these sites and the computer systems used as part of NuovoDoc operations.
  • Statistics and intrusion analyses will be shared with law-enforcement authorities.
4. Deviation - Hosting Service Security (tentative)
  • The nfoCentrale web sites are published on a commercial hosting service.  
  • The hosting service collects and makes available the standard statistics that are captured concerning access to the nfoCentrale web sites.
  • There is no reason to suspect that these statistics and other information are employed in any form of surveillance.  The information must be regarded as insecure, nevertheless.
  • Likewise, the hosting service is not believed to employ tracking techniques, including cookies, with regard to nfoCentrale web visitors.  The site nevertheless must be considered insecure in this regard.
  • There are countermeasures that guests can employ to prevent any surreptitious tracking involving the hosting service.
5. Deviation - Blogger-Intermediated Pages (tentative)
  • The blog sections of the nfoCentrale web sites are generated via an intermediary service,  
  • The created pages contain trackable references to the web site.  The references to Blogger content and materials used in the pages can evoke cookie submissions from the browsers of people with Blogger accounts or who have previously used certain Blogger services via nfoCentrale web-site blogs or the blogs of others.
  • Presentation of certain features of the blog pages may depend upon identification of the visitor making access, such as visibility of delete buttons and offering of the option to leave comments.
  • The following of certain links on the blog pages may be relayed through a page on
  • There may be additional cases of potential tracking than those identified at this point.  The blog pages must be considered insecure in this regard.
6. Deviation - Blogger-Intermediated Atom Feeds (tentative)
  • The Atom feeds of the nfoCentrale web logs are generated via the intermediary service,  
  • Although the generated feeds are stored and subscribed-to at locations on the nfoCentrale web sites, the content of the feeds is not entirely from those sites.  The content of the feed entries is obtained by access to storage services at; other elements of the feed document also refer to resources.  There is no assurance of privacy for retrievals of feed-element content by an user's browser or feed reader/aggregator.
7. Deviation - HTTP Transport (provisional)
  • The HTTP (Hyper-Text Transport Protocol) application protocol, reliance on Domain Name Services (including ones for web forwarding), and the use of TCP/IP are inherently insecure.  
  • The current implementations of HTTP access to the nfoCentrale web sites and to the site do not in any way mitigate the vulnerability of the accessing site.  Users may be exposed to a variety of security exploits as well as surveillance of various kinds.
0.02 2005-01-25-15:54 Tidy up
Some clumsy expressions are simplified and the overall statement is reviewed for continued applicability.
0.01 2004-09-09-09:45 Initial version
The basic principles are established.

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