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The NuovoDoc privacy policy extends to the business dealings and client relationships of NuovoDoc and to all who access and in any way rely upon content and services of the nfoCentrale web sites.  The objectives for a specific privacy policy are that

The fundamental privacy principle is that all who engage with NuovoDoc and the web sites and services anchored on nfoCentrale shall be respected guests and no liberties will be taken in offering them the hospitality of the sites.


This page is the container for materials used in ongoing development and maintenance of the NuovoDoc Privacy Policy:


The latest stable version of the privacy policy is automatically replicated at

privacy.htm: the version of the Privacy Policy page at the site entrance

This is accomplished using the Microsoft FrontPage "Include Page" extension feature, so that editing is all done in one place and replication of the content to the other page is automatic on the development site.  There is no work required of the hosting server or in the browsers making access to the NuovoDoc information pages.

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There are grammar and expression difficulties that are cleaned-up to provide immediate improvement while mulling over next steps and a number of job-jar items.  The 0.00 version is edited in place.
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The provisional page is introduced to provide a target for links throughout the sites and to provide known information about deviations from the strong policies with regard to intermediated services.

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