Contacting NuovoDoc


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For a Failure or Security Incident  involving NuovoDoc or any site,
use the Emergency Contact Procedure

Physical Location | Postal Address  

Dennis E. Hamilton
4401 44th Avenue SW
Seattle, WA 98116-4114 USA

SOHO Household
time zone gmt-0800 (pst), 
gmt-0700 (pdt) in summer
Internet E-Mail

Use plain text messages and subjects with prefix "NuovoDoc:" (or "Orcmid:" or another site name, like "DMware:") in the subject for best results; digital signatures are recommended.
Use the @acm for all ordinary mail.  Copy to ensure that Dennis is reached when mobile.  This e-mail address is not recommended for long messages and attachments.
Office Telephone (Cellular)  

+1 206-779-9430

with voicemail and SMS
Interactive Audio/Video Connections

Video Conferencing,
Google Hangout,
Skype (orcmid)

by appointment and addition to contact list

Digital Certificates
X.509 VeriSign Class 1 CA Individual
To Report a Failure or Security Incident
  1. If you must use e-mail, use the address to ensure mobile receipt. 
  2. Call the office phone and leave a brief report and instructions for contacting you..
  3. Alternatively, send a short text message via SMS to the cell phone number.


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