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Contacting NuovoDoc


2013-11-29 -10:22 -0800

Working Update.  This document is being edited as part of creating a Contacting NuovoDoc page that that provides the appropriate history and cross-linking.  I started at the end and am working to the front!

This is page is the container for ongoing development and maintenance of the Contacting NuovoDoc material.

The latest stable version of the information  is automatically replicated at

contact.htm: Contact NuovoDoc the version of the page at the site entrance

This is accomplished using the Microsoft FrontPage "Include Page" extension feature, so that editing is all done in one place and replication of the content to the other page is automatic on the development site.  There is no work done on the hosting server or in the browsers making access to the NuovoDoc information pages.

Contact Information includes a great number of possibilities, and the following list is being revisited for current, better information on how to contact NuovoDoc:

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