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This material has been superceded by a later version.  
For the latest status, consult the About NuovoDoc Info page.

Who Are You?
NuovoDoc is the system architecture and design consultancy of Dennis Hamilton.
I am an independent software developer.  I am a scholar, writer, and teacher.
What Do You Do?
I provide free-lance consultation, workshops and seminars.
I write and publish articles, web sites, and software tools that support work practices and applications in my areas of expertise.
Where Are You Located?
Home base is Seattle, Washington, USA.  I operate and travel internationally.
How Do You Operate?
I maintain a cyber-cottage on the web.
I and my professional associates conduct collaborative projects on the Internet.  
I develop and publish fully-documented and demonstrably-tested software on the web and via CD-ROM.
What Are You Passionate About?
Articulating system concepts, requirements and risks that matter in the world of the user;
Establishing demonstrably-trustworthy and -dependable systems;
Interactive software that empowers collaboration and coordinated effort;
Information systems that delight their clientele with confirmable, understandable services
Why Should I Hire You?
I have a keen eye and broad perspective, with experience in all aspects of software system development.  I'm skillful at identifying and articulating what's important.  I have no problem noticing when a project is unnecessary or not set up to succeed.  I'm level headed and straight.  I deliver early, often, and we can stop or correct course at any time.
How Are You Qualified?
My resume is available for review.
What Are You Working on Now?
The nfoWare Initiative: CD-ROM eBook, software suite, and forensic tools;
Architectural principles for recognizing and bridging the requirements gap;
Reviewing distributed applications for system incoherence and its correction;
An on-line M.Sc in Information Technology

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