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This material has been superceded by a later version.  
For the latest status, consult the About NuovoDoc Info page.

Working Update.  This document is being edited as part of creating an About NuovoDoc that provides the appropriate history and cross-linking.  I started at the end and am working to the front!

Information Processing Initiatives

Document Systems and Middleware

Industry-Standards Focus, 1995-2003

DMware Document Management Interoperability Exchange
April announcement at AIIM 2000 in New York City.  Operated with AIIM institutional support through April 2003, DMware is maintained as an on-line resource by NuovoDoc.
DMA Document Management Alliance
One of the founding technical architects for the consolidation of Shamrock and Document Enabled Networking as DMA, announced at AIIM 1995 in San Francisco.  DMA development ceased in 1999, with sustaining support of its specifications was subsumed under DMware.
ODMA: Open Document Management API
Initiated in 1994 through a coalition of document-management and desktop application vendors, ODMA produced a specification for smooth integration of document management with the desktop in 1995.  ODMA development ceased with specification and distribution of ODMA 2.0 in 1997-1998.  Sustaining support was subsumed under DMware.  Requests by ODMA users and developers have continued through the end of 2003 into 2004.  

Earlier Commercial Efforts, 1989-1995

DEN: Document Enabled Networking
Dennis Hamilton was the main architect for Document Enabled Networking, conceived in 1993 and announced in 1994 as a joint-effort of Novell and Xerox Corporation.  DEN was coalesced with DMA, contributing the integration approach and interoperability model.
The CLASS Project and Image Management Services
In 1989, Dennis Hamilton provided architectural support to the CLASS project's  collaborative design for digital preservation and republishing of scarce, deteriorating books of importance to research libraries and archives.  This effort spawned a progression of scan-file-print digital publishing system architectures.

Business History 

NuovoDoc today.  Located in Seattle, Washington, NuovoDoc is continuing as an Internet-centered cyber-cottage offering consultation, software-development, and web publishing services.  Focus remains centered on document processing and collaborative authoring and use.

NuovoDoc in 2001.  Switch-over to NuovoDoc began in late 2000.  The change avoided confusion with an already-registered business of similar purpose in our new location in Washington State.  The domain name is slowly being retired, although there is continuing use of the site as a source for ODMA and DMA material.   The purpose of the business is unchanged, with the new term signifying "the new document."

InfoNuovo in 1998.  InfoNuovo was launched in December 1998 in Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California.  The domain name was introduced at that time.  The name is an Italian construction meant to suggest "the new information."

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