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Welcome to NuovoDoc.  This is a boilerplate for material about NuovoDoc.  This particular version has not yet been customized.  It will be very quickly.

Tie to and what else there might be.  Get rid of the Hard Hat State at once and make professional page.


We're building a development site for DMware, AIIM's Document Management Interoperability Exchange.  DMware originated under the AIIM Standards Program.  DMware activities promote coordinated use of industry standards, including those for

DMware hosts open specifications, tools, sample software, and other materials important to interoperability of document systems.  New developments are carried out as open-source projects.  Information about new initiatives and coordination between existing projects will be found on the DMware development site.

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Make a simple NuovoDoc description that is enough to provide basic information for the central focus on DMware.

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