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A running job jar of ideas and notes on About NuovoDoc Info material here. 




in progress 2004-06-10 Document the push-pull-click-click by which I branch and preserve version history up the trees. [dh:2004-06-10 I have captured screen shots and I will use it for a Dr. Clueless blog publication.]
  2004-06-10 Document the three different ways I handle version histories, how they use the same snapshot scheme, and relate that to what happens in the working versus snapped vresions.  This looks like a Dr. Clueless thing.
done 2004-06-09 Move the revision history to i040601 and link to it from there, making 0.26
  2004-06-09 Update the non-current ones to indicate that they aren't and the current one is always available at nuovodoc.htm.
done 2004-06-09 Post the next one (0.25) and get Band's review again.
done 2004-06-09 Fix the funky stuff in the construction-history timestamps of i040601c and check i040601b too.
  2004-06-09 When a resume is available, remember to link it here.
done 2004-06-09 Create i040601e for About NuovoDoc 0.25.  Keep changing toward the simpler, with links and backup material for later.  Apply the recommendations from anderbill.
done 2004-06-09 Update i040601 to link to the latest versions of pages, including 0.20 (and 0.25)
done 2004-06-09 Add Language to the properties of this page.  Why does that one seem to disappear on me as I clone pages as boilerplates for new ones?
done 2004-06-09 Move items that belong at the general info/ level to the i000000 Diary & Job Jar
done 2004-06-09 I am starting to make notes here for articles other than this one.  Make an i000000 page and start that job jar now.  This will be the NuovoDoc Info Diary & Job Jar
2004-06-09 I think I know why  FrontPage warns me when I open a page like nuovodoc.htm.  It is because the included page has a date-time bot in it.  I can't figure out if they really mean that the Included Page will end up being updated if the nuovodoc.htm page is updated.  I should try it to see what happens.  I am betting that nothing actually happens to the included file, that the timestamp probably doesn't change (because there is no body that can be edited) but the version block in the lower-right construction history does update, maybe. At most.  This is really geeky stuff. [dh: I checked and nothing unusual actually happens.]
2004-06-09 Do I need to do anything special in i040601 pages that are included into others to identify their provenance, or does it work just fine anyhow?  I would think the VSS is not in sync (the includee is versioned in its own sequence separate from that of the includer, which is interestingly cute). [dh:2004-06-10 Well, it works just fine and I could do something about provenance, but it doesn't seem necessary, because of the way I am linking to version histories and versions now.]
  2004-06-09 Changes in i40601e: Make it more clear that (1) software development and publishing is going to become the dominant activity, (2) we are focusing on personal computing and (3) professional-quality development of personal computing tools and applications.  Many of these ideas scale to full-bore enterprise activities, but we are using the personal level as a laboratory for what works in teams, collaboration, community articulation, and all that other good stuff -- the layer developers and power users swim in when operating as engineers in the broadest possible sense.  Like sovereign architects of their own spaces.  I won't say it like that.  It's where I'm coming from.  Umm, good coffee.  And very sweet berry fruit pie.
not done
2004-06-09 The car's in.  Split i40601d to i40601e the clever way that gives it a common construction history, then start working on an update as 0.25.  This needs to be at 1.00 in six months.  Merry Christmas. [dh:2004-06-10: I forgot to do the clever part, but I did do it for (0.26) in I040601f, which has a branched history from i40601e.  I need to document how I do that.]
2004-06-08 Get Band's review and do Contacts first thing in the morning after taking car in. [dh:2004-06-09-11:26 ping bill and go do the contact thing]
done 2004-06-08 Publish 0.20 (i040501d) as the About NuovoDoc page.
done 2004-06-08 The page titles still have i40601x on three files.  Correct those too.
  2004-06-08 On the Washington Department of Licensing site, my business UBI seems to be overlaid with Vicki's business information and NuovoDoc is nowhere to be found.  Call them and get that fixed.  Might as well document as a confirmable experience concerning the way people operate in problem spaces.
done 2004-06-08 Correct the links in i040601 to be to i040601-named pages and not i040501.
done 2004-06-08 Rename the files - they are accidently all done as i40601x, not I040601x.  Examine each to make sure grounding links are right.
done 2004-06-08 Scrape material from construction/C000000 that is best handled locally, here
done 2004-06-08 Add an i040601a diary and job-jar to the About NuovoDoc information item.
done 2004-06-08 Use the "Just answer the questions please" style that is on Gina Trapani's résumé page: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?
  2004-06-07 Stick with document systems and document/information-processing nomenclature in About NuovoDoc, sticking to the message: design for document systems interoperability, except now that is given meaning personally, in collaborative groups of all sizes, and so on. [dh:2004-06-08: Well there is all the systems architecture stuff, software engineering, trustworthy computing, things that matter in this rôle.  So there are three levels NuovoDoc-DMware-nfoWare.  And there is the Miser-Orcmid-nfoWare axis, however that works.  That one looks like a triangle.  Not likely to get all of that into a simple About page.]
2004-06-06 Use the nuovodoc.htm page as the about page.  [dh:2004-06-07: First create an activity for it. (i040601)  Tidy up the old version, branch it into an older retained version of the page, under resume/ (i040601b), then customize the page to an 0.10 version that we can use for inserting "About NuovoDoc" content. (I decide to use iyymmnnx for "Information."  Need something different, and this is tied to resume even if not the heart of it.)  Experiment with doing this as an include page of the i040601 copy - It worked.]
in progress
2004-06-01 Create an about page that features what NuovoDoc is about and where we are going with (1) document-processing interoperability, (2) confirmable experience, and (3) the requirements gap and performance architecture, with a link to scholarly activities.  Fit collaboration community in here somehow.  [dh:2004-06-08: Include Trustworthy Computing, System Architecture, and Software Engineering disciplines and methodologies too.]

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