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2008-07-20 -14:43 -0700

This is a page for use as a container of About NuovoDoc material and its revisions.  This is a way to remember how I did it and also be accountable for the development of the material.

The latest stable revision of the page is automatically replicated at

nuovodoc.htm: the About NuovoDoc version at the site entrance

This is accomplished using the Microsoft FrontPage "Include Page" feature, so that editing is all done in one place and replication of the content to the other page is provided automatically on the development site.  There is no work done on the hosting server or in the browsers making access to the NuovoDoc information pages.

About NuovoDoc Revision History

0.26 2004-06-10-11:02 Pull Revision History into i040601 (orcmid)
I want to expose the revision history, but I don't want to clutter the published page with any more construction material than necessary.  So I am putting the history here in this little project entry and linking to it from the anchor block of the new page, the same as 0.25 but without the revision list at the end of the page.
0.25 2004-06-09-13:46 Adjustments after review (orcmid)
Incorporate suggestions from anderbill. Strengthen how I want to position NuovoDoc right now, today.  Publish it for review by the Microsoft ISV Empower program.
0.20 2004-06-08-21:07 Reduce to straightforward, direct statements (orcmid)
Make into simple journalistic interview, reserving expanded details to separate pages that can be linked in.
0.10 2004-06-07-16:12 Morph into "About NuovoDoc" page (orcmid)
Make part of the facade that we are opening up for introduction of the cyber-cottage consulting and development  presence.
0.00 2002-04-04-17:29 Create placeholder during construction scaffolding stage (orcmid)
Make a simple NuovoDoc description that is enough to provide basic information for the central focus on DMware.

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