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  2008-07-20 i080701: Create as the already-repaved 2008/07/ content for the default page (boilerplate from nfoWorks)
  2007-03-20 i040901: Privacy - Update to the new document-engineering format and bring current on doing so.  Also, break this being generic privacy for all sites.  Those should be handled individually, although the generic comments can remain here.
  2007-03-20 i040602: Contact - Update to the new document-engineering format and bring current on doing so.  Also, break this being the generic contact for all sites.  There needs to be a better way of handling that.
  2007-03-20 i040601: About NuovoDoc - Update to the new document-engineering format and bring current on doing so.
  2004-09-08 Do something to make use of the material in i40601c about business focus, the document processing interest and focus, etc.
  2004-09-08 Create confirmable experience as a topic
  2004-09-08 Identify the use of web sites as a laboratory for confirmable experience and ideas about system coherence and trustworthiness.
  2004-08-11 The exercise we are doing for Information Security Engineering in the last two weeks is very helpful.  I need to look at how I propose to conduct open-source and to allow external project members to come and play.  An initial product might be the how-to around the SourceForge part.  Look at defining this, look at making it part of dissertation?
  2004-08-11 I also need to look at how to move my emphasis to CP4E, SE4E and what the thrust is around tools, especially tools for collaboration, coordination, and development at that level.  Some of it is blending of components and simply configuring, some of it is simply using and understanding how to use, and some of it is development (and mainly because we are doing development, so we want it accessible to others).
  2004-08-11 Adam Bosworth has an interesting comment about moving towards personal computing and services for very large numbers of personal users (e.g., mom).  I need to look at this.
  2004-06-11 Review About and Contact and identify expanded-information that is desirable
  2004-06-11 Build a resume here and hook it in as appropriate
  2004-06-10 Turn the deh-vitae into an Info object
  2004-06-10 Turn the deh-Sketch into an Info object
  2004-06-10 There should be information in the new info/ section on how we are providing transparency, accountability, and maybe working toward some sort of quality process.  We are backing into the quality process, and that is as good a way as any.  It must all be in place in December though, our product kick-off point.
  2004-06-08 Learn how to put in the metadata that tells robots not to scrape a page (and hence nothing beneath it). 
  2004-06-08 The work history and competencies on my M.Sc application are an useful basis for updating my on-line resume.  Recover that and add it to the new info section.
  2004-06-08 We want a FAQ too, and many of the FAQ items might as well be in the information or info place.  We should answer questions like, what do we mean by architecture, etc.  Ah, that's what Iyymmnnx is for.  Info, of course.  So, there's more info.  Resume should probably be retitled before we get too far with it.  Yes indeed.   OK, get the contact and about information up first, then worry about moving things around.
done 2008-07-20 Adjust i000000 and i000001 for the repaving
done 2007-03-20 i070301: Start Preview on the ODMJNI 1.0 work.
done 2007-03-20 Analysis needs a better entrance as a holder for materials that are organized here.
2004-06-08 I am getting sick of the logo with its broken lines.  I need to resample a better one at about that size.
done 2005-02-10 Clean up the bottom block and the title section of this page, repairing glitches found when scavenging for TROSTing /info.
done 2004-09-08 Also use "i" instead of "I" in the titles of the pages.
done 2004-09-08 In this section, using "i" instead of "I" works much better as a prefix, especially since the use of sans serif fonts confuses "I", "1", and "l" (got that?).
done 2004-09-08 Add privacy link to the home page too.
done 2004-09-08 Add site status link to the home page too.
done 2004-09-08 Make a provisional privacy policy, describe how we want it to be and describe what we have to show for it right now.
2004-06-11 Use the heading Information Note for materials under this structure: i000000, I000001-log, index.htm, construction.htm, C000000, i040601, i040602
2004-06-09 Add in proper uplinks to the title blocks of the articles here
done 2004-06-11 Fix the font silliness in the creation date of the i040602b construction history block
2004-06-09 Create a construction zone here and have it be the target for article Hard Hat links.  Figure out what is appropriate for pages that are Included at a higher level, though.  Probably do all this work after switching over to info/
2004-06-09 Create an i000001-log that can be used as an uplink-back target from the info/ articles.
2004-06-06 Make the resume section into an info section.  [dh:2004-06-07 Add a project structure and catalog first, using I for vItae/Information.][dh:2004-06-08/-10: First, do the absolute minimum to have the site working as an initial facade, with About ... and Contactu Us, then, rename the whole resume/ folder to info/, followed by a  tombstoning of resume/ for those who have retained links into it.  Then do the other things that are needed for a good /info structure.]
done 2004-06-10 Remove bad NuovoDoc Info link on this page.  There can be a proper link later, when there is a Catalog to link to.
done 2004-06-09 Version this page so we can archive completed material as things fill up.
done 2004-06-09 Bring over elements from construction/C000000 that can be usefully handled here.
done 2004-06-09 Bring over the elements from i040601a that are more-generic.
done 2004-06-09 I am starting to make notes here for articles other than this one.  Make an i000000 page and start that job jar now.  This will be the NuovoDoc Info Diary & Job Jar
done 2004-06-09 Clone i040601 to i040602 and make it the home of the contact page.
2004-06-07 Use a clone of the styled nuovodoc.htm page to make the Contact Us page.  This becomes a different activity (i040602).  It could be a project too, but we will use what we have for now.  Use the include-page trick that worked on nuovodoc.htm.
2004-06-01 Put in physical location and address somewhere, perhaps on a contact page 
0.00 2004-06-09 Establish Initial Info/ Diary (orcmid)
Clone materials from other diaries that apply at this level in the resume/ to-be info/ section.

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