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    Java-ODMA Integration Kit

ODMJNI 1.0 provides a reference implementation of libraries for integrating ODMA awareness in your Java-based desktop software. 

You can use ODMJNI 1.0 "as is" and interface your Java software via the ODMJNI practical100 components.  You can modify the open-source implementation to fashion a custom Java-ODMA integration of your own.

ODMJNI 1.0 is the first exercise leading toward the ODMdev ODMA Development Framework. 

The 0.58 Beta Preview is now available and the 0.59 beta Candidate is now being defined.  These materials are the lead-up to the 0.60 Public Beta Release to be made in Autumn 2007.



System Requirements

  • Basic ODMA Capability
    Straightforward access to the most-commonly-used ODMA capabilities via simple Java interfaces.  No knowledge of the ODMA C/C++ API is required.
  • Automatic ODMA Discovery
    ODMJNI 1.0 automatically discovers whether ODMA is available to the application, making it easy to revert to local-only operation when ODMA is not available.
  • Only Java Programming Required
    The ODMJNI 1.0 bridge to native Win32 code is completely hidden behind Java interfaces.  The use of native methods and the work to access the ODMA API is completely isolated within interface-implementing Java classes.
  • Open-Source Licensing of all Software and Documentation
    Distribute, use, and modify all ODMJNI 1.0 materials for your own projects under a simple, easy-to-honor attribution-required license. [more ...]
  • Application Computer
    ODMJNI 1.0 can be deployed to any x86-compatible Windows PC with Microsoft® Windows®-2000 or later desktop operating system
  • Application Java Platform
    JRE 1.4.2 or later with a Sun AWT-based GUI implementation
  • Desktop ODMA Integration
    Odma32.dll ODMA Connection Manager (ODMA 2.0 version recommended for its troubleshooting support)
  • Development Systems
    x86-compatible Windows PC with Microsoft Windows and Java JDK.  Windows XP and JDK 1.5 are recommended.
  • Additional Developer Resources for Windows-level Customization
    Microsoft® Visual C++®, Microsoft Platform SDK, and other freely-available tools for modification and testing of the native Windows ODMA bridge code.
    All ODMJNI 1.0 Win32 code is built using Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition

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Release Schedule

  • 2007 November: 0.60 Public Beta

  • 2007 October: 0.59 Beta Candidate Transition

  • 2007 July 30: 0.58 Public Beta Preview available

  • additional stages governed by the beta experience


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