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Tools for ODMA Integration and Support

Update July 30, 2007 (Seattle, Washington).   NuovoDoc software tools will simplify development and support of ODMA-based document-management solutions on Microsoft® Windows®.  The software supports adopters, integrators, and developers in achieving dependable integrations using the Open Document Management API (ODMA) and ODMA-aware office-productivity software such as the Microsoft® Office System.  

The software is donated to the ODMA Interoperability Exchange.  All programs and source code are freely-available for adaptation in commercial and non-commercial projects under an easy-to-honor open-source license.  [more ...]

Staged releases begin in Summer 2007.  The first components consist of the ODMJNI 1.0 Java-ODMA Integration Kit.  An iterative development process is used to make progress along parallel tracks.  Intermediate convergence points will deliver development library additions and fixtures that can be used as tools and as examples.  Those materials become the basis for improvement in subsequent iterations.

ODMref1.0 Reference Implementation

Manage documents directly from ODMA-aware productivity applications using this personal document-management system on Microsoft® Windows® XP and Vista.  A fully-functional reference implementation, ODMref1.0 is useful for demonstration, study, training, troubleshooting, and prototyping of managed-document applications.  [more ...]

ODMrun1.0 Test Runner

Review ODMA configuration settings and confirm the installation and functioning of ODMA-compliant software using this script-driven test and trouble-shooting fixture.  [more ...]

ODMJNI 1.0 Java-ODMA Integration Kit

Develop Java-based ODMA-aware desktop applications using this initial exploitation of existing ODMA definitions and early ODMdev materials.  [more ...]

ODMJNI is the first-ever open-source kit for client-side development of professional-quality ODMA-aware applications.  It is part of a natural progression that includes kits for .NET-ODMA integration, native Win32 integration, and replacement of the existing sample application.

ODMdev Development Framework

Follow the tutorial-style experiments and discover how to build dependable ODMA components.  Track an organized collection of progressive examples that lead toward ODMref1.0, ODMrun1.0, and intermediate components such as the Java-ODMA Integration Kit.  [more ...]

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