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ODMA 1.0 Test Runner

ODMrun1.0 exercises ODMA Connection Managers and ODMA-compliant Document Management Systems.

Development will be gradual.  Following stabilization of enough client-side ODMdev kits such as the Java-ODMA Integration Kit, ODMrun1.0 and ODMref1.0 will be developed in parallel.   An iterative development process is used to make coordinated progress, with each stage of ODMrun1.0 and ODMref1.0 employed in the confirmation of the other.  Intermediate convergence points will deliver development library additions and fixtures that can be used as tools and as examples.  Those materials become the basis for improvement in subsequent iterations until complete ODMrun1.0 and ODMref1.0 functionality is achieved.



System Requirements

  • Easy ODMA Configuration Checking
    Review ODMA configuration settings and confirm the installation and functioning of ODMA-aware document-management software.
  • Fully Scriptable Testing
    Automatically replay test-session logs as customizable test scripts.  Use script and log files for verifying ODMA setup and for incident documentation.
  • ODMA 1.0 Conformance
    ODMrun1.0 appears as an ODMA 1.0-aware desktop application to ODMA.
  • Full Software Source-Code and Documentation
    ODMrun1.0 software and documentation demonstrate access to ODMA-compliant document-management systems from an ODMA-aware application.  The software is available for re-use and modification under an easy-to-honor open-source license.
  • Computer
    Microsoft® Windows®-based personal computer suitable for office-document desktop applications
  • Operating System
    32-bit Microsoft® Windows® 98, 2000, XP, and Vista
  • Document Management Systems
    ODMA32-integrated DMS (such as ODMref1.0 on Windows XP)
  • Hard Disk
    5 MB for installation and log files
  • Optional Developer Resources
    Working with ODMrun1.0 source code requires Microsoft® Visual C++® and other freely-available tools

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Development Approach

  • Autumn 2007 - Spring 2008: Evolutionary development paced with additions to ODMdev and iteration through ODMref1.0 alpha stages

  • Summer 2008: Beta and Stable releases for use with further ActiveODMA developments

  • Announcements and Project Tracking: Regular progress is reported on the ODMdev section of the ODMA Interoperability Exchange site.

How Made Available

  • Free Internet downloads of all materials
  • Installation software, sample scripts, developer documentation, and all source-code
  • ActiveODMA project for public development and collaboration


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